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I've only recently gotten turned on to Zach Slater so I'm playing catchup BUT from what I've seen so far, I actually liked the times Zach was with Maria best. I do love the Zendall relationship for many reasons but when Zach & Maria were together onscreen, it was so hot & lustful you can practically feel it. [wink]
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I didn't understand it, either. Zach and Maria had an interesting history (even though it was all told in flashbacks), they had chemistry on several levels, and they had lots of storyline potential as a reunited couple. For some reason, though, TPTB totally dropped the ball on them. At the time I was more than fine with that, because I had wanted Zach with Kendall from day one... but I did wonder why AMC squandered what they could have had in Zacharia. They had time; Eva LaRue remained on AMC for at least a year after TK joined the show, I think.
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