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I just can't accept that Zach is really gone. Just the fact that they didn't find his body leads me to believe that his leaving may not be permanent. I guess only TK knows but I'm keeping hope alive that he will return. They DEF cannot recast him. That would be an insult! No one else can be Zach!!!! It's weird that you could love a 'role' so much- but I do!!!!! Please TK, come back for all your fans!!!!!!!!! We miss you as much as Kendall does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm with you Tamzilla!!  I'm sick over this!!

And when I read that Zach is gone from the credits . . . I actually teared up.

This show is on its way out!!



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I know how you feel.  I really miss Zach and TK too!  Zach is a great character, and TK did a great job portraying him.  No one else should portray him.  I had just found out about Zach/TK a little before he left AMC (and of course, fell in love with him - how couldn't you), so I have been watching the old shows which I had never seen - just love him!  It is hard not to see him regularly on new shows.  Hope TK/Zach will turn up somewhere soon.  We miss you TK - come back to us in some venue soon!  We want to see you!  [You can't stay home and just watch the Red Wings - joking ]

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