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Chapter 5

Zach paused before entering Kendall's room, remembering that the last time he was in this hospital was the night of the Mardi Gras Ball. The night Ethan died and his world changed; losing his son and the woman he loved more than life itself. He had never welcomed Ethan into his life. In fact, he had done just the opposite. Zach had wanted to protect Ethan from the so-called Cambias Curse. Now, it was too late to make amends with his son, but it wasn't too late to make things right with Kendall. With everything that he was dealing with, Kendall had been caught in the middle of this vendetta. Zach was absolutely certain that the fire at Fusion had been a message for him. Kendall had lost the baby because of her connection to him.

Still lost in thought, Zach was about to enter the room when Anita Santos came up and told him that he had a phone call at the nurses station.

"Slater here," Zach said in a tired and worried voice.

It was Jeff Fisher from Vegas. "Zach. Sorry to bother you but there has been another purchase of a large block of stock." stated Jeff.

Zach thought for a moment before replying. "Jeff, what percentage of the company is owned by stockholders other than me?"

"Zach, you still own the majority of stock but only by a slim margin," answered Jeff.

"Well look into who is behind this purchase and get back to me," Zach told Jeff.

"Okay Zach, I will be in touch!" Jeff responded before hanging up the phone. Zach thanked Anita and went in to see Kendall.

Zach entered the room and could hear the steady beeping of one of the machines monitoring Kendall. Zach walked to Kendall's bedside and reached out and stroked her face, which looked angelic as she was sleeping. Startled by the touch, Kendall woke up and was surprised to see that it was Zach.

"Zach, what are you doing here and in Pine Valley? I thought that you left for good. So what brings you back here? What are you doing visiting me? Come to congratulate me on the birth of my son?" asked a groggy and defiant Kendall.

Zach just studied the face of the woman he loved. How could he tell her that she had lost the baby?

"Zach, why aren't you answering me?" replied Kendall.

"Kendall, let me go and get your doctors so they can answer your questions," pleaded Zach as he made his way to the door, but Kendall stopped him.

"Zach, if you know something about my child you need to tell me. After all, that is the least you owe me" demanded Kendall as she looked up at him with those beautiful green eyes.

He didn't want to be the one to tell her, but he had lost her by keeping secrets. He didn't want to have any considering that he was with her and wanted her back in his life.

"Zach, tell me what is wrong with my baby, please"

"Kendall, I don't want to tell you this......"

"Zach, tell me NOW, where is my baby?"

Left with no choice, Zach began to tell her. "Well, you remember the fire at Fusion right?"

"Yes, I remember the fire, but I can't remember anything after that"

"Well that's because you collapsed. You were unconscious, and they brought you here and..."

"What Zach, what happened then. You are scaring me ZACH!"

"There were complications, with, with the baby and, Kendall I am so sorry, you have to know that I am so very sorry, but your baby didn't make it!" Zach finished telling her and pulled her into his arms. Kendall was sobbing uncontrollably as Zach just held her. After a few minutes, Kendall pulled away and looked at Zach and could tell that something was troubling him besides the fact that she had miscarried. He was looking at her like he always did. Kendall had loved Zach more than she thought possible and had been torn apart by his deception in causing the blackout. Kendall knew that they had found something special in one another. Zach was the only one in her life who accepted and loved her for who she was and didn't try to change her. Kendall was about to say something when Anita came in and told Zach that visiting hours were over.

Zach said to Kendall, "I am sorry and I will be back in the morning. Try to get some rest." Kendall simply said "Bye" and with that, Zach gave her a kiss on the cheek and was gone.

The next morning Zach arrived at the hospital with white roses and went directly to Kendall's room only to find it empty.

Across town, a stranger was staring off at the skyline, Pine Valley in the distance. The phone rang. "Ma'am, Kendall has disappeared." reported the voice.

Thanks to KZ for the Avi

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Very nice.  I just picture it all happening.  Please keep them coming.  Lord knows this is much better than what we are getting on our tubes!!  June

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