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I'm confused about where all the residents of PV are living.

Zach, Kendall, and Spike are living in Kendall's condo.  WHEN are they going to move into a house?  Zach told Kendall he was going to build her one (which postpones building a new set I guess).  Zach "sold" the Cambias-look-alike house by now I assume.

Myrtle is living at her (boarding) house.  Does anyone board there anymore?

Josh and Zoe are living in Jack's condo.

Bianca and Miranda are living in Bianca's condo.

Julia, Jamie, Amanda, Jonathan, Di, Del, Aiden, Kathy, Annie, and Emma are living at Wildwind.

Ryan is living in his "city" condo.  He owns another condo across from Kendall's that used to be Zach's.  Does anyone live there?

Tad's house burned down.  Where is he living?

Erica and Jeff, and now Babe, JR, Krystal, Jenny, Winifred, and possibly Colby and Sydney are living at the Valley Inn.  I'm amazed at how long people can afford to live at the Valley Inn.

Where is Hannah living?  Let me guess, the Valley Inn.

Jack, Lily, Sean, Reggie?, and Barbara? are living at Jack's (and Erica's) house.

Adam is living at the Chandler mansion alone now I suppose.

Danielle is living in Hawaii, and Derek lives at his house.  Where do Livia and Tom live?

Stuart and Marion are living at the Chandler guest house that we never see anymore.

Brooke and Joe and Ruth are hibernating at their respective houses.

Palmer and Pete are hibernating at Cortland manor.  What about Opal?

I supposed Ava will move into the Pine Cone.

I must be missing someone.

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hahaha ... so true. Except now, Babe, Krystal, & Colby are moving in to Ryan's condo (which used to be Zach's) across from Kendall & Zach (who really should've had a home by now!

"Where you lead, I will follow..."
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