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Hi Erica...this place is a trove of TK's body of work ! You have joined a wonderful

forum...all the ladies here are fantastico! The lovely sisters ,Kathy and Christy are

our marvelous moderators... they watch over us...a couple of times...I couldn't 

access a clip because I'm in Canada and needless to say I was devastated...I asked 

for their help and they made it happen...thanks again Kathy and Christy! We, TK

fans know that every opportunity to see TK is imperative!

Thorsten is the most extraordinary actor my eyes have had the pleasure of

feasting on...handsomer than handsome , he is charismatic, prolific and when he

recites poetry...Oh la la!!.... " every woman's unattainable dream!"

...and btw...I feel honored that I was born on the same month of the awesome TK 

and you share the same day as him...lucky you!



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Welcome Erica!  [wavey1]
"Always, Only You"

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Welcome Erica! Where is she? Lol
Thorsten Kaye ❤ CaRidge
Malin - Sweden
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