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This is a little story I wrote a year ago about what could have happened with Quinn and Ridge. I hope you will appreciate it [wink]. (Please, be indulgent with my English [smile])

Until destiny does its part

In the CEO office, Quinn was sketching some designs for the new collection. She was staring absentmindedly at the wall, biting her lip and holding a pencil in her hand. Her feet were dancing nervously in the air when the door suddenly opened. She turned her head and saw her son in law in the doorway, looking at her. He was wearing his usual classy suit, had cut his hair but as always, he had forgotten to comb them. She once laughed about it but actually, she had always thought it was kind of charming. In fact, she thought this man had a lot of charm. Even when they were arguing, she found something attractive about him. Maybe it was his condescending attitude or his forever gentlemen manners, his sarcasm, his charming smile, or simply the way he looked at her; but she knew she found something appealing. When he noticed her glance, he shyly smiled, lowered his eyes, and greeted her before taking a seat at his office.

There were a strange vibe going on between them since that night in San Francisco. Eric had sent them for business but something more private and more personal happened there. Ridge, in a final attempt to disgrace her in the eyes of his father, had tried to get her drunk and abuse her. But she discovered it and a cat-fight started. Maybe it was the tequila talking, but she happened to open herself to the man who tried to dishonor her. And unexpectedly he listened to her and finally saw the real woman hiding behind all the hatred and suffering she had endured all her life. He had hold her, touched by her story and ashamed of what he could have done and then he'd kiss her passionately. Neither one of them knew what happened, but nothing was the same between them ever since. This awkwardness was reigning and their feelings were changing. But this situation was frightening the both of them because these "moments" kept happening. It even cost Ridge's marriage to the woman of his dream. Actually, Brooke caught them kissing on the beach in Australia the day before their wedding. They fortunately convinced her that it was the best for Eric to do not find out about the treason. She noticed that Ridge was drowning in his sorrow since then, even if he wasn't showing it. She had been there two days ago when he had been expecting Brooke to come over his place and marry him to find out that she'll never come and had married Spencer. She had looked at him, powerless and heartbroken. She had even seen tears in his eyes and had tried to comfort him. But that day had made her even more aware of what she could loose if Eric came to know the truth about them. Since then, she had tried to keep her distance from Ridge but as they were working at the same company, it wasn't that easy. But she was tired of dodging him and trying to inhibit her feelings for him.

Yes, she had feelings for him and she had told him in Australia. She had told him that she will forever be grateful to have fallen in love twice in her life. The two men she was talking about were of course her husband, Eric, but she also meant Ridge. This man she discovered a month ago, who wasn’t that awful after all and happened to have a heart and actually care about her.

After only ten minutes, the tension was too unbearable. She was sweating and constantly thinking about him. She, then, decided to take a break and to go to the roof. She stayed there for a while, and when she came back at the office, Ridge wasn’t there anymore. She wondered why he wasn’t working. Knowing that he was hardworking and wouldn’t leave the office so early she began to get concerned. She walked to the door.

“ Pam, is Ridge gone?” she asked.

“Yes, which is strange. Brooke came by and a few minutes later he stormed out the office telling me that he wouldn’t come back at the office today. He seemed pretty distracted and had a beaten look on his face though. It doesn’t look like him” she told her.

“I’m a bit concern Pam. Any ideas where he could have gone?” she inquired.

“I assume he went to the guest house. I mean, he seemed quite tired. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about,” she positively answered.

“Well, I prefer to check him out, to be sure. Moreover I’ve forgotten some sketches. I’ll stop by the mansion and make sure everything is in order. Thank you Pam, and if Eric passes by, can you tell him I’ll be back soon?” she added.

“Of course, Quinn, I’ll let him know. Before you go, a lemon-bar?” she suggested.

“No thanks, maybe later. See you.”

She left the building, wondering if it was Brooke the actual reason of Ridge’s departure. After all, seeing his once and future wife with Bill’s ring must have been a shock to him. She took her car and drove to her place as quickly as she could. When she finally arrived, she saw Ridge’s car parked. She entered in the empty living-room. She put her keys on the furniture, located her sketches and headed to the guest-house. She followed the path and when she reached the door, she knocked. But she heard no answer.

“Ridge it’s me, Quinn, open the door!” she tried again.

“Go away!” a husky voice grunted

“No I won’t! Please let me be here for you. Open the damn door Ridge!” she urged him.

She leaned on the doorway, steady, waiting for a movement. Suddenly, the handle turned and the door half-opened. She pushed it carefully and entered the room. The bedroom was clean and the bed tidy, like if no-one was living there. The room was in the dark. She went to the next window and opened the curtain. She heard a snarl and so continued what she was doing. Once she had opened all the windows, she found Ridge frowning, disturbed by the bright light, a glass of tequila in his hand and the bottle by his side, half empty.

“Cheers!” he grunted.

He raised his full glass and drank it down in one go. He then tried to stand up and staggered. She caught him and he immediately pushed her away.

“I don’t want your help or your pity, woman,” he informed her with a smirk.

“All right, fall and hit your head, I won’t help you if that’s what you want. But I won’t let you alone tonight,” she told him.

“If that’s so, I’ll get you a glass,” he exclaimed.

He headed toward a wooden furniture and took a glass. He put it on the table, served some tequila in it and handed it to her. She took it, with no conviction and sat by his side. He was certainly brooding and the woman in his thoughts was obviously the beautiful blond. He tried to reach the bottle but Quinn stopped him. In her attempt, she spilled his glass all over his shirt.

He grumbled while he moved away. The liquid had spread all over him and Quinn stayed a few seconds speechless. She then reached a terry towel and moved forward to him. She automatically tried to wipe the tequila off his shirt until he grabbed her hand. She felt his strong hand closed on hers. She was standing so close to him that she could hear him breath and smell the alcohol in his breath. She also smelt the slightly trace of cologne he was wearing. This scent was very masculine and intense. She closed her eyes to enjoy the fragrance and his manly presence. She opened them and looked right in his hazel eyes. She saw passion and desire through them. She took fright and stepped away from his firm grip.

“I’ll...” he stammered, “I’ll take a shower, it’s okay.”

He looked at her a last time and then turned away and headed to the bathroom.

She sighed softly and relaxed her body. She almost lost it, and she was aware of that. She thought about Eric and his love. And then the image of his handsome brooding son appeared in her mind. She recalled his strong perfume and his firm grip, the sensation of his torso against her hand. She couldn’t get those images out of her head. She kept thinking about it until the water turned off. Ridge appeared on the doorway, a towel tight around his waist. She looked at his strong arms and his tan chest. All she was thinking was that he was very attractive. His wet hair was dripping on his face and he was wearing a large smile. They stared at each other for a few seconds that seemed to her like eternity.

“Can you hand me this shirt?” he inquired gently.

She turned around and saw a gray shirt on the back of a chair. She grabbed it and offered it to him. He softly put his hand on hers, took it, and suddenly, he leaned toward her and kissed her. Her lips locked on his. He was searching her mouth, his hands on her hips. She hesitated first, but then, she gave in to him entirely. She forgot the world around her and didn’t care about anyone else except Ridge. She put her arms around his neck as they kissed passionately. He took her to the bed where he laid her down. He looked at her and she felt his warmth engulf her. He leaned again and laid over her, kissing her in the neck. He started to undo her blouse. She wore it off and then took off her bra. She ran her finger on his muscular body, sensing every muscle tense. He caressed her breast and bit her ear. She passed her fingers in his steam hair and kissed him again.

They made love there, in the guest-house, just a few meters from Eric, her husband and his father. The fact that it was a sin, that it was forbidden made it more passionate and more intense.

When she opened her eyes, she didn't realized she wasn't in her bed. She felt the arms of a man around her holding her tight. She turned around, thinking this man was Eric. She started caressing his arm and when she looked at his face, she recognized the scar on his left cheek. She pulled away, realizing it was Ridge. She sat and put her head in her hands, and then all the memories of the night came back to her. She recalled the strength of Ridge's body against hers, his breath running down her neck, his hands touching her and him pulling...

Ridge turned in the bed, pulling Quin out of her thoughts. She watched him, lying in the bed, the sheets barely covering his bare chest. His face looked peaceful, his eyes closed and he was wearing a mere smile on his face. He was breathing in and out so peacefully, as if nothing else mattered in the world. She enjoyed watching him. But then she tensed at the thought of Eric. She jumped out of the bed, took her clothes and got dressed. She tripped on the table and a plate fell off, causing a big noise. Ridge woke up and straightened up. When he saw her, standing there, he managed to utter her name and she left the guest-house as quickly as she could, letting Ridge gaped in in the bed.

When she reached the main house, the sun hadn't risen yet. She walked as silently as she could up stairs and went into her room where Eric was profoundly sleeping. She headed over the bathroom. There, she took a bath, to shower off what she just did. Under the hot water, she remembered how handsome Ridge stood in the door frame, looking so fiercely to her. She recalled his smell and touch. She tried to understand what happened to her. What was going on with her? She had a husband, a good life, a place to stay, food and even comfort. She gasped when she realized the reason of her actions. She couldn't form the world with her lips. Then she whispered to herself.

"I'm in love with Ridge..."


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That was a terrific short story.
Thanks for posting it.
It made me go back to watch the scenes with Ridge and Quinn in the guesthouse and you certainly nailed the mood and then ran with it.

Part 2 to come I hope........[clap][yippee]


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Thank you Bookworm, your words mean a lot!
I'm actually working on a part 2, but I don't know if it will come good... But I'm glad you liked it, I'll do my best to finish it [comp]

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Looking forward to part two...I think you write very well!

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Originally Posted by Christy
Looking forward to part two...I think you write very well!

Thank you Christy! ☺️

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Well done! [agree][agree][clap][clap]  The writers at B&B need your input !!

Ridge has so much charisma, sensuality and is the sexist lover on that is a darn shame that

only Brooke gets to enjoy it!  


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