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Is he really 60.  Hard to believe.  Now I feel old.    Taxi and Who's the Boss and now he's talking on Ellen about how we went back to teach for some kids.  He's great. 

Donna :)

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Yeah Donna he looks amazing. He def. does not look 60. Yeah, I believe he has a degree in Lit or English. He was going to be a English teacher after college, but went a diff. way. I believe the story goes, he was a amateur boxer that some "hollywood" person saw and that is how he got casted on Taxi.......and the rest is history. He taught English at a NY public school(eigth graders, I think) for a year and had that experience documented. I`ll find out more for you Donna and maybe you can see the film yourself. He def. is the best. And he loves learning.
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