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This was on my Facebook Feed..........

"Get EXCITED: you can now watch your favorite soap our new website, share favorite episodes with friends, and view eye-popping galleries of favorite stars – it’s all on!"

And here's an eye-popping pic of our favorite star!


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In the AMC reboot there were a lot of things I liked, some not so much, but most of all I was left with a lot of questions about PP's licensing of AMC.  What exactly did PP have rights to show?  For example could PP just start showing past episodes on their website, a different classic episode every week, AMC's best love scenes, etc..  
The scene of Zach and Myrtle was wonderful but why didn't they do something like that more often?  When seeing Zach with Miranda why didn't we flash back to their first meeting when she was a baby?  In the scenes between Adam and JR they could have shown tons of flashbacks of Adam doubting him (you wouldn't have needed to see JR's face)  I just don't understand why they didn't use more archival footage.  Every time Dixie wondered about Tad we could have flashed back to some scene between them.  Opal with Erica, David with Dixie, Zach and Adam, I'm just curious as to what PP is allowed to show and if there is some sort of time restriction on it, otherwise I think they should take advantage of the shows they licensed.

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