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I'm new and probalby won't post that often but had to join up so that I can be in communication with some Thorsten fans.  He is the greatest and he is truly a "real" man.  He stuck by his All My Children family no matter what.  I was upset when I heard he was leaving the show but then I said to myself, "this is good because evidently in real life he is the same way".  He said he's not moving to LA becasue he didn't want to be a commuting Dad and I gained even more respect for him.  Hopefully will get on another show.  I only watch All My Children but since he's leaving I won't be tuning in nearly as often but if he does go on another show, I will try to watch it.  All My Children has lost it's best character and no matter how many people return to the show, they will not be able to replace Thorsten.  I hope they don't try to recast the role because it would be silly.  No one else could play that part.

Thorsten, if you are reading this, I wish you well in whatever you choose to do and I sincerely thank you for being the kind of man that you are.


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Hi Molliemuffin - I agree with you completely - He is a great person on screen and in real life - I don't think AMC really appreciates what they have lost and I don't care who they bring back to try to compensate for this crazy move - TK and Susan are completely devoted to family and that is so great - It is so nice to have you here - Peggy

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