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Why is he living with anyone?  Isn't he a grown up?

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I know! You'd think a millionaire would stay at a hotel till he found a permanent

place! katie should introduce him to that lovely real estate agent that helped her

but I think Katie 2.O has plans for Thorne and herself!LOL

Steffy has to be the dumbest woman ALIVE!Who walks around with a paternity

test results in their purse after having a one night stand??????????????Word to

Steffy,I know it was wonderful news and you wanted to look at it again and again

but STUPID move JUST like the moves you had with your HUSBAND'S FATHER!

Ridge wasn't there yesterday and I was sad but the last time my eyes feasted on

the hunk,he'was having a wonderful time with his lady love and that  fills me with

such joy for the New Year!

                               Have GREAT ONE EVERYONE!



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