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Marty was having a splendid time at Dorian’s party.  She was so very glad to be reunited with 
Larry Wolek. He was a good friend of her parents and she had known him all her life. Larry
was the only person in Llanview who knew the truth about Patrick.  
“It’s nice to see you back in Llanview. Although, I’m a bit surprised that it’s more than just a 
visit," he whispered, "Is everything all right between you and Patrick?” 
Marty made plans with Larry to have him come by the house tomorrow to discuss 
Patrick's condition.
Out on the patio Starr and Tyler were continuing to get to know one another. 
“ So, will I be seeing you at Llanview High?” Starr inquired. 
“I guess so. Me mum says she’s havin’ me enrolled soon as possible.” 
“I love your accent,” she said with a smile.
“What accent?” 
“Okay, Irish ‘brogue’ – or whatever you call it. It’s cool.” 
“I’ve talked like this all me life. Perhaps it’s you who has the accent,” he joked. 
Soon the conversation got quiet and the pair spent much of the rest of the
evening gazing into one another’s eyes. Starr could feel herself falling for this absolutely
adorable Irish kid. 
When the party was ending and everyone was leaving Starr was hoping for a special
farewell from Tyler. She wanted so badly to share her first kiss with him.  
“Well, goodnight, then.” Tyler said, rather awkwardly. 
He didn’t know what to do. Should he kiss her? He had never kissed a girl before. It was
the perfect moment. There they stood all alone under the moonlight. He could sense she
wanted him to but he was overcome with nerves. 
“Good night,” Starr said as she walked away. 
Maybe this was it, Starr thought. Maybe this was the moument. She turned back. 
“Can I call you tomorrow?” 
Disappointed in that was all he wanted, she replied faintly, “Yeah. Sure.” She began to
walk away again.  
All of a sudden she turned back and plunged toward Tyler. She couldn’t control her urges
any longer. She gave it to him full on the lips.
It was glorious… for about a second…. 
“Starr Manning, just what do you think you’re doing?!” shouted Blair. 
Starr and Tyler quickly seperated.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Manning,” said the young gentleman.
If looks could kill Tyler Thornhart would not live to see the light of day. 
“You come with me right now, young lady!”
“But Mom, we weren’t doing anything wrong!” cried Starr as she obeyed her mother’s
orders and left.  As she looked back at Tyler she mimiced holding a phone and mouthed
the words, “call me”.
Tyler was fascinated by this lovely, young spitfire. He could hardly wait to see her again.
On the ride home Marty and Tyler talked about the move to Llanview.
 “Are we going to live here forever?” Tyler wanted to know.
Marty did not know the answer. “I’m really not sure. You know I still love your father
very much. I always will. And he loves us, too. I know that. He just needs to work on
getting well. Larry is coming by the house tomorrow. I’m going to discuss Dad’s 
condition with him and see what he thinks.”
Back at their quaint Irish cottage it was morning and Patrick was asleep on the couch. He 
was falling into a dream. In it he was standing in front of the mirror he had broken trying
to recognize the image of the man seen through the pieces. Why had he done such a
stupid and childish thing? “No wonder she’s left me. I can’t even control my own
temper,” he said outloud. 
“Yes, I do believe you could do a better job of controling that Irish temper of yours.” 
Patrick turned around in wonderous amazement. His precious angel had returned! 
He looked behind her. “Where’s Tyler?” 
“Outside. He’s playing catch in the yard.” 
As he went to the window to get a glimpse of his son Margaret went into the bedroom.
He spoke to her while he looked out and watched Tyler toss a football. “I’m so glad you
decided to return. I was hoping that you would. I thought I’d lost you forever.”
Margaret returned from the bedroom carrying a suitcase in each hand. “Oh, you did,” she 
said matter-of-factly. “ I only came back because we forgot a few things. We left in a such a
hurry earlier. We had to come back to get the rest of our stuff.” 
“Margaret, no!” 
“Goodbye, Patrick.”  
Marty walked out the front door. Patrick rushed to stop her but could not reach her 
in time. She and Tyler were halfway down the walk when they turned to wave goodbye then 
“No!” Patrick yelled out to all of Drogheda.
He awoke with a start. The telephone was ringing. He got up to answer it. 
Still half asleep he mumbled, “Hello?” 
“Hi Patrick.” 
“Margaret!” He wondered if he really was hearing her voice or if it was still a dream. 
“Is it really you? Oh, angel, my angel. It’s magnificent to hear your voice.” 
 “How are you?” 
“I have to tell you, love, I’ve been better.” He said the words half-jokingly but in all seriousness. 
Marty fought back tears as she spoke, “I’m so sorry about the way we left. I didn’t know
what to do, Patrick. I love you so much. And I want to be there. I really do. I want to help
you. But I can’t help you if you refuse to help yourself.” 
“Margaret, I know this is all my fault. I’m sorry. Let me make things right again. I’ll do
whatever it is you want me to. Tell me. I’ll do it.” 
“I want you to see Dr. Fitzgerald again.” 
There was a pause. Patrick had a sense that Dr. Fitzgerald, though it seemed he tried, was
not helping him at all. He did not think the medication worked as it should and he wondered if this man was simply a quack.
“All right. I’ll see him right away.”
“Thank you.”
“Don’t give up on me. That’s all I ask. Please, angel. Just don’t give up on me.”
“I love you, Patrick.”
It pained him to hear the words coming from such a faraway place.
“I love you more,” he said.
When they hung up he rang the doctor’s office just as he had promised. He explained his
plight and was allowed to see the doctor immediately.
Dr. Fitzgerald listened to Patrick’s concerns. Patrick confided in him that he wasn’t 
feeling any better and that this illness was destroying his family. The understanding 
doctor handed him a new bottle of pills. Patrick was not a believer in “better living
through proper chemistry” but he was willing to try anything to help him get his life back
in order. He accepted the new remedy, thanked the doctor for seeing him and was on his
After Patrick left the office, Dr. Fitzgerld made a phone call.
“Thornhart was here. Seems he didn’t think the pills I gave him worked very well.  I gave
him something new. I think he’ll notice a difference right away. Yes, I'm sure it'll work.
Poor guy. He'll thinks he's madder than a hatter.”

Life is what happens while you're making plans.

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Interesting.  The Men of 21 have Dr. Fitzgerald under their thumb doing their dirty work!  I hope that Patrick will see the good doctor for who he really is before it is too late.

I am glad that you are starting to answer some of the questions that I bet many of us had about Patrick's apparent medical condition and writing the other details of this story.  You are doing a great job writing this story.  I bet it is a challenge!

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I am so glad you are enjoying the story!

Today's post was a challenge for me because my husband had shoulder surgery today (it went well) and I didn't get much sleep last night.


Thank you for your kind, supportive words.


Life is what happens while you're making plans.

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Interesting how the writers at OLTL liked my idea so much to have Marty and Patrick's son as a love interest for Starr that they are now using it on the show...

Life is what happens while you're making plans.
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