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Yet to be created...
Fiercely Ship CaRidge!



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I love romantic comedies!

TK would be AMAZING starring in one! His witty sense of humor and sensuality is a perfect


The scene in the powder room with Quinn is an excellent example,talking with a twinkle in his eyes and

then the KISS!

In a movie ,there is an end and usually the characters love ever after...for once I would love to see TK

character fall in love and be in a relationship for more than a NANO second! It is very frustrating to

hear heart felt,profound words among characters and then only to be just THAT "words"

commitment or follow through..(I must add that the constant 'change of soldiers on the battlefield 'at

B&B studios is a testament to the phenomenal acting of TK because he's prolific portrayal of Ridge

makes me believe that Ridge's millionth time on the 'merry go around 'will be the one that captures his

heart forever!

Love ever after is not always the norm but the musical chairs game in Mr Bell's head IS NOT either!



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