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Promo (The transcript please?^^)

Monday, July 15
Ridge makes a large request of Brooke in regards to Thomas.
Thomas’ trickery of Douglas causes Hope to make a flash decision.
Tuesday, July 16
Liam struggles when Hope announces her updated plans to marry Thomas.
Emotions run high as Hope and Thomas ask family and friends to be a part of their ceremony.
Wednesday, July 17
Brooke gives Ridge an earful when he calls her out for hating that Thomas is marrying Hope.
 On the eve of her wedding day, Liam recalls his best memories with Hope.
Thursday, July 18
Thomas warns Ridge to tell Brooke to stop interfering in his plans.
As friends and family gather to witness Thomas and Hope say “I Do,” Hope considers her options.
Friday, July 19
Liam and Thomas bicker about why Hope has not yet made her bridal entrance.
Zoe panics when Flo drunkenly states that there is still time to stop the wedding and tell the truth about Beth.

Obviously now that the victim is Hope Thomas is not the good guy anymore, Brooke right?
And now that everybody feel something is wrong the only one who don't get it's Ridge because everytime must be Ridge vs everybody


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Thomas warns Ridge...I don't think Ridge will appreciate that! 


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