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Looks like it is going to be a week chocked full of Ryan/Greens/Annie goodness...only who gives a damn?


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I got bored just reading the Ryan/Greenlee/Annie spoilers.  I realize the show is in a transition phase right now, but this is ridiculous - I don't see why they can't find a way to transition with Zach front and center.  TIIC could find ways to feature Zach that doesn't involve moving the storyline in any specific direction while they're transitioning over to new storylines.  For instance, Zach and Kendall could go househunting, or they could go for a sonogram or work on baby names (or do we only get to see that when it's Ryan's child).  Hell, I think I'd rather watch Zach and Kendall go grocery shopping than watch this ridiculous wedding nonsense.  I think I'd rather watch paint dry than watch this Ryan/Annie/Greenlee stuff that's being crammed down our throats.

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