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Adam asks JR and Scott to run Chandler Enterprises together. Colby's mom and dad, Liza and Adam, clash on Wednesday, May 27. Krystal is bolstered by Marissa's unexpected return. Pine Valley comes together to pay a very emotional farewell to Stuart Chandler on Thursday, May 28. Still
acting rather peculiar, Tad delivers a unique tribute in memory of Stuart. Colby softens towards Liza. A stunned Colby later overhears her mother and Jake discussing the disturbing details of her conception on Friday, May 29.

The Inside Story: Prime Suspect
Liza successfully manages to turn Jesse's suspicions away from her when she reveals to him that she saw Kendall at the mansion aiming a gun straight at "Adam" on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, on a mission to protect his ex-wife, Zach pleads guilty to murdering Stuart and is sentenced to prison. Jesse can't ignore the holes in Kendall's alibi for the night of the murder nor the fact that both Zach and Ryan's behavior reeks of trying to cover for her.   Kendall learns what Liza's been up to on Wednesday, May 27. Jesse arrives at the church just as Stuart's funeral is about to get underway and arrests Kendall for murder. Erica accuses Liza of targeting Kendall to deflect blame from the real murderer: Liza! The fur flies between Erica and Liza on Friday, May 29. Kendall swears that she didn't kill Stuart. Ms. Hart finds an unlikely friend in the form of the convict in the cell next door, Annie.

A Closer Look: In the End
David is taken before the hospital ethics committee on Tuesday, May 26. Nurse Gayle bursts Jake and Angie's bubble when she takes the blame for all of David's misdeeds. A relieved David gives Gayle a large sum of money and offers her a job taking care of a patient at a private facility in another town. David makes it clear to a chilled Amanda that he's going to stake his claim to their child. Krystal is appalled when she comes upon David offering Jake money to buy Amanda's unborn child. A regretful David admits that he can't stop himself from doing horrible things and pleads with Krystal for understanding. Krystal takes off her wedding ring and walks out on David on Friday, May 29.




Jesse questions Liza, who points the finger at another Pine Valley resident. Jesse comes to believe that the accused are lying to protect each other after finding discrepancies in alibis for the first time of the murder. Jesse's feelings get in the way, when he tries to pursue a case against someone in particular. Jesse and Angie believe they have the goods on David, when they take him before the ethics committee at the hospital, but someone comes in the way. Jesse is certain one suspect only confessed to murder to protect someone else and calls that person out on it. Someone tries to frame Liza as the murderer. Is an innocent person going to prison after pleading guilty? A Pine Valley citizen is arrested as the rest of the town prepares for a funeral. Tad delivers a unique tribute in memory of the dearly departed.


Amanda is more determined to keep David away from her baby, when he threatens he's claiming rights. Krystal becomes furious with David after she learns he tried to give Jake money to buy Amanda's baby. David admits to Krystal that he knows he does horrible things and can't stop. Krystal hands David her wedding ring and walks out. Liza comes to a decision after an encouonter with a teary Amanda. Colby learns that Jake was supposed to have been her father. Marissa's unexpected turn gives Krystal hope that they might be able to for some sort of friendship. Tad is acting rather strange. An unlikely friendship develops in the Pine Valley Jail. Colby warms up to Liza.

Monday May 25th will be re-airing the accident that killed Greenlee Smythe, which originally aired on February 16, 2009.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/1…

Krystal seeks refuge with Tad. Suspects are left with more questions than answers. Scott is in turmoil. Colby accuses Liza of being a cold blooded killer. Krystal warns Marissa not to get too close to David. A suspect remembers more about the night of the murder.

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Thanks for posting Alina!!

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