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(Didn't feel like typing it all so I scanned it - please don't link directly to graphics.)


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Thanks for the spoilers!

This material has the potential to be great and has the potential to be abysmal!

I know that TK and AM will provide the most intense and powerful performances...  But will the writers honor the history of these characters???

I'm hoping that they won't forget how difficult and familiar this territory is for Zach and Kendall's characters!

On a side note:  I can't wait for Zach to sense Spike's reaction (or nonreaction) to the ruckus...  It's going to be some great material for TK to sink his amazingly pearly teeth into   

Thanks again for the scans - I wait with baited breath for the Greenpea smackdown!!


Zendall - nobody does it like Zach and Kendall!

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Yeah - Zyrtle! It is going to be heart wrenching to watch Zach lose it with Myrtle, but I am glad he will have a kind shoulder to lean on. I have been wondering where she has been in all of this. Zach needs his favorite older woman of wisdom!

Leave it to observant Zach to be the one that notices Spike can't hear the Greenlee-Kendall fight. That man doesn't miss a thing. Can't wait....

Thanks for scanning, Christy -- you do spoil us so.
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