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Will Rick's Reign of Terror End?
Living large in he Forrester mansion, Rick & Maya continue to make everyone else's lives miserable as they run the company together. While their bond grows stronger during their reign of tyranny, now that Brooke knows all about Rick's duplicitous takeover, will his and Maya's "fairytale romance come to an end?" ponders Bell. (ME:  Fairytale romance?  Is that what they call that these days?)
Liam's Secret Weapon!
Rick's dictatorial behavior has ruffled many feathers, especially Liam's. "With Ivy and Caroline being the target of many of Rick's tirades, the always chivalrous Liam feels he need to protect the girlfriend and cousin," explains Bell. On a mission to knock his nemesis down a few pegs, Liam seeks out the one person who could help him teach Rick a lesson: Steffy! Will she be the key component to take down Rick? "Things take an interesting turn when Steffy informs Liam what she wants in return for her help," shares the scribe. (ME: Shouldn't Steffy be helping her dad and why isn't Ridge the one taking action against Rick and standing up for Caroline & Ivy? He owns a big chunk of the company...hate that even here he's being squeezed out of storyline potential).
Over Before They Begin?
Now that they are both single, Ridge and Caroline test out the relationship waters! However, "when word gets out, very few are willing to grant their blessing," says Bell. "Given Ridge's history with Caroline's family and Brooke's unwillingness to ever truly let him go, this new couple must overcome an array of obstacles and opponents if they want to have a future together."  Does he designing duo have what it takes to prevail? (ME: please prevail...pretty please!  I kind of think they's looking like an us against the world love story).
Wyatt's Holding A Mother of A Grudge
Sorry ladies & gents, not bothering with this one, lol. 
Blah, blah, blah.  Don't care if he and Quinn ever mend fences.
Brooke's New Adventure
Brooke left town to give Katie & Bill a chance of reuniting, but "as everyone knows, "Brooke is more comfortable in a relationship than out of one.  Will seeing Bill again reignite the flame of love that she once felt for him?" teases Bell.  "Or will she stand by her vow to Katie and sacrifice her own happiness in order for her sister's family to be whole again?" And while Brooke understands Katie's relationship, she can't quite wrap her head around the fact that while she was gone, Caroline fell for Ridge and Deacon for all people, Quinn!  "As she attempts to make sense of it all, her life takes a turn, "says Bell, "and it's not what anyone, including Brooke, is expecting!" (ME:  Can the turn be "death", please!  I'm already sick of her)
Maya tells All...Her Way!
Desperate to get in Brooke's good graces, Maya fills in her would be future MIL with her version of Rick & Caroline's marital collapse on Monday, January 26.  But on Tuesday, January 27, the model still worries that Brooke's homecoming could pose a problem for her and Rick's relationship.
Bill & Liam Plot a Coup!
On Thursday, January 29, Bill & Liam plot their revenge against a family foe, and Liam reaches out to an old friend on Friday January 30, to assist him and his father in their covert business acquisition.  (ME: WTF?  Bill/Liam are gonna plot to takeover FC?  Am I interpreting this correctly?  Why the hell would Steffy help Liam/Bill steal FC out from under Ridge and her family?)  
Bill & Brooke come face to face for first time on Wednesday, January 28.
From An Article on Brooke's Return "Dazed & Confused"
Very long so just giving the gist except for the Caroline/Brooke confrontation
Bill confronts Brooke...Bill proposes to Katie. (ME: WOW, Bill proposes and if Katie accepts, I'll give her the award for most pathetic for going back to her abuser!  WTG Bell...great message to send to abused women everywhere). 
Brooke Confronts Caroline!
While Bill is busy convincing Katie that they ought to make another marital go of things next week, Brooke busies herself restoring order to the mayhem that has befallen Rick's marriage. First, she'll confront her daughter in law, Caroline, and ream her for stealing kisses with Ridge! "Brooke tells Caroline she'd better do the right thing and end it with Ridge," says Lang.  "It's not a friendly conversation. Brooke doesn't like Caroline's reasoning -- or the attitude that Caroline is giving her."
Urging her in-law not to harbor any delusions about running off into the sunset with the designer, Brooke also reminds Caroline that she could have Ridge back in one hot minute if she so desired!  (ME:  My goodness...I despise this woman!  Delusional egomaniac with apparently no memory of recent history when Ridge did in fact NOT go back to her in a hot minute despite her numerous attempts at seduction.  Hello?  He chose Katie over Brooke and hasn't given her a second thought these last few months).
Don't Get Mad, Get Ridge?
With Bill ostensibly no longer a romantic option, could Caroline's involvement with Ridge be bringing out the green eyed monster in Brooke?  Not necessarily says Lang. "She's more mad than jealous.  She finds the whole thing disgusting (ME: LMAO!) and maybe even a turn-off where Ridge is concerned.  (ME: disgusting and a turn off, she says.  No self-awareness whatsoever.  The bitch who has slept her way thru town, with brothers, husbands, fathers, son-in-laws thinks Ridge/Caroline are disgusting?)   Then again this is the same man she loved for so many years.  She'll always have feelings for Ridge. So it's difficult to say!"
Sneak Preview:
Caroline is given a good reason to move on with her life.  (ME: Nekkid Ridge?  I can dream, right?)
Bill has bittersweet news to deliver.

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Thanks Alina.  Now this I can definitely support! 
(ME: Nekkid Ridge?  I can dream, right?)


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Thanks for posting Alina. Things sound interesting.
Just wondering what Steffy's going to ask for her help?  Perhaps some of Bill's shares? If she could get just 1 share then Ridge, Steffy and Thomas would have 51% and could oust pRicky and even Eric if they so wished.
Just my rambling wish list.

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I am already sick of her (Brooke) too Alina...The writers have always made her so unappealing.  It sounds like they are still going to continue that tradition. 


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Thanks for posting these, Alina.  Add me to the list of people already sick of Brooke!  What an enormous ego, her head must swell to the size of a steamboat and must have left the memory in Milan if she thinks she can have Ridge in one hot minute if she so desires?  Hah, she can't recall how many times in how many ways she threw herself at Ridge in last one year and didn't "have him".  UGH.  And if she is so turned off, why the fuck is she demanding that Caroline better end it with Ridge?[2fingers]

I guess Bell's Brooke worship will continue this year.  Y&R recently started another cancer s/l, so when they say her life takes an unexpected turn, I have a feeling B&B will follow in Y&R's footsteps to give her all the focus.  Yeah, since Bill now lusts after Katie, Deacon after the queen of craziness, Eric/Thorne out of the country, and Ridge/Caroline testing the waters, what else can they do with her [rolleyes]

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