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From DirecTV episode guide, with my comments in red since I always have something to say, LOL :

12/14 - Sash's unexpected arrival causes mixed reactions; Eric, Rick, Maya, Nicole and Zende wonder how Ivy's accident will impact Steffy's future at Forrester Creations.  WHY are Myrna/Nicole/Zende involved in this conversation again???????  OhKaye, so Zende is at least a Forrester, but does know-it-all Nicole really need more to do beyond popping a little pricklet [rolleyes]  [rolleyes]  Shouldn't RIDGE the CEO be dealing with this issue? [duh2]

12/15 - Steffy's behavior puts Ivy in a sensitive position; Whyatt and Liam try to see eye-to-eye about Ivy's legal control over Steffy.  ...... [yawn][yawn]

12/16 - Zende and Sash meet in the Forrester design office; Lt. Baker visits Steffy and Liam after hearing about Ivy's scare.  Ivy is going to milk this one till we are sick of it.  Oh wait, I am ALREADY sick of it [rolleyes] [rolleyes]

12/17 - Nicole and Zende's passion abruptly comes to a halt; Liam is determined to make things right between Steffy and Ivy.  ...... [yawn][yawn]

12/18 - Liam reaches out to Ivy about making peace with Steffy; Julius thinks Maya and Rick are to blame that Nicole is upset with Zende.  ...... [yawn][yawn]

Not one mention of Ridge [sigh]  I am hoping he will make a surprise appearance or two, but not holding my breath [sigh]

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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Originally Posted by searose
Not one mention of Ridge [sigh]  I am hoping he will make a surprise appearance or two, but not holding my breath [sigh]

I'm hoping he'll be notified since his daughter and president of the company he's the CEO of, is getting freaking arrested!!! (yup, you read correctly, that storyline is getting more contrived by the minute)


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Searose....Thank you for the spoilers! Once again no mention of our Ridge, the reason I watch B&B to begin with![frown]I certainly hope there is a "good" surprise in store for us this week! However, I sure did enjoy seeing his gorgeous face even if it was two episodes and once again confronting his punkass son!! I seriously think ThomASS' has overstayed his welcome in LA!
Melanie, Ohio

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