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Originally Posted by bluegaze
 I will NOT stop rooting for CaRidge...Soulmates always finds their way back ...

ICAM...this is NOT the end of CaRIDGE! Brooke and Ridge were an item for years...

The first Caroline was taken from Ridge because of death but this Caroline is alive

and as long as there's life, there is hope...the possibilities are endless!

The love that TK is conveying through Ridge for Caroline is a masterpiece...a very

rare gem...a love that is not jealous or possessive but selfless...wanting her

happiness above all ...forsaking his love for her...what love truly is! I know we are

thinking but how about him, he doesn't deserve to be treated like that...of course

NOT but there you have like no other...Ridge's love! Caroline is very lucky

to have captured his heart...she will have a friend for life!

We despise the way Caroline didn't make a scene but it would only serve to postpone

the inevitable...why deny the ugly truth...she loves Ridge, obviously, not enough to

fight for the love they once shared but to insult his intelligence with stalling on top 

of injury? had to be this way for now... and if and when she is totally into

him , he will be there for her with open arms because he vowed to be her knight

always! Ridge is MAGNIFICENT !


As always Laura, very beautifully written! You have such a way with words!

Melanie, Ohio

Thorsten Kaye!❤️❤️

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thank you Melanie...I missed your posts...I hope you are doing well! 

Malin started that piece and I continued...Thorsten's depiction of Ridge makes it so

easy for the words  to flow... 

It has been a while since Thorsten has posted  but on his last post he wrote that  an

actor is a story teller...and CaRIDGE is a beautiful love story and what made it

extraordinary was how Thorsten developed and refined Ridge's character into a man




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Aww love it ladies!!!
Thorsten Kaye ❤ CaRidge
Malin - Sweden

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B&B is sooooooooooo boring without TK. [frown]
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