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Perfect segway to a hostile take over.....this show just gets better.......


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Originally Posted by Christy
Malin, Ridge was eating a lemon bar in the scene with Pam at the end of yesterday's clip.

I wish he'd had something stronger, and liquid, today. Eric is obtuse and oblivious beyond belief. Ridge's self-restraint was admirable, especially since it's pointless to try to make Eric see reason. But in my head I was going take this job and shove it!

Thank you so much for all the Info's!
Sometimes I wished I was living in America, so I don't need to catch up with everything! But you guys make it easy for me. So thank you! In Sweden Ridge & Katie just ended their engagement and he daydreams of Caroline <3 I really need to watch Ridge eat a lemon bar LOL. Yeah I bet he need's something stronger, to deal with Eric and everybody .I'm glad Ridge finally quit and I hope he and Caroline will start their own company now! It's about time.

Thorsten Kaye ❤ CaRidge
Malin - Sweden

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SO GOOD to have Ridge back on I can breathe again! As always , TK is bringing his outstanding talent to each scene and I'm hoping he will be heavily featured in the coming weeks.  Isn't May usually a "Sweeps Month"?  Maybe  they will feature their BIGGEST ASSET  for the next several weeks....
(I hope , I hope,  I hope!)
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