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And I hope to God I am wrong on this one!!!!!!!!!

The fact that Babbling Brooke was the one who found Ridge on that beach, and the fact that TPTB adore her, has made me uneasy since that moment.  Are they borrowing from AMC (when Lavery woke up back in time when he was in love with Kendall) to bring Ridge and Brooke together again?  The way Ridge looked at her after being found, and looked at her at the Forrester homecoming, and as hesitant as he seemed with Katie, as if taking hints from everyone around him and figuring out how to act!  I mean, the poetry scene was nice, but to me, it means he remembers the poetry, does not necessarily remember how he felt about Katie.  To me, he kissed her as prompted by the words, not prompted by desire.

So, does he only remember the past, up to the time when BRidge were together and happy, before Deacon's text and the break up that followed?  And therefore, not remember his relationship with Katie?  I really hope this is not a ploy to go back to BRidge.  And if it is, I would like to see Katie fight like hell and WIN this time!  But 25 years of soap watching has taught me that TPTB will choose to show us what THEY want to see, not what I want to see [sigh]

If the "writers" go this route, I think I will get in the habit of having liquid lunches.  That way, all I will notice will be TK's awesomeness, and everything else will get blurred............

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!
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