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Booksigning Details



If you ordered (before the event sold out):

  • Your PayPal receipt email is your confirmation. You should have immediately received this PayPal receipt email when your order was completed. (If you did not receive this email, check your spam folder; some servers identify PayPal email as spam. Or, simply log into your PayPal account to view your recent account activity.)
  • If you have this PayPal receipt email, and/or your account activity shows a payment to us for this event, please be assured that that means we received your payment and have added you (along with any additional attendees specified and paid for by you in your order) to the list of attendees for the event.  You need take no further action.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED A PRINTED CONFIRMATION to be admitted. Your name (and the names of everyone in your party) will already be on our list, to be checked off when you arrive. 

We are not sending additional, separate, confirmations, as some servers also identify email from our server as spam. All available information concerning the event is already contained in the Booksigning Details.

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Thanks Kathy!

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