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This board has one purpose and one purpose only:
To give fans of Thorsten Kaye and, by extension, any characters played by him, a safe haven on the internet for flame-free, positive discussion about him and them.
There are numerous venues online for expression of dissenting views. However, we provide this board strictly and exclusively for those, including ourselves, who want to avoid such negative expression. We want to enjoy posting here. This board is, to put it quite simply, therefore intended to be and will be maintained as a hassle-free environment for fans of Thorsten and his characters. Fans of Thorsten and his characters will never have to defend him or them to other posters here. Period.
This isn't Thorsten's requirement -- it's ours. It requires no justification, and it's not up for debate. So thanks in advance for adhering to it. Other topics are up for discussion and debate, but please be civil to each other (flames will be extinguished). We ask that you follow the guidelines posted in the description of each forum, and any rules pinned inside each forum. A brief summary includes:
  1. As stated above, no posting of negative comments about Thorsten Kaye or any characters he plays or has played, is allowed. We don't want to read it, we will not provide a platform for it, and we will remove it.
  2. No posting of negative comments about any other actor is allowed.
  3. No posting of anonymous, unattributed, and/or secondhand gossip, scoops, spoilers, and/or wild feeds is allowed. Only posting of scoops and spoilers from official, identified, first-hand sources is allowed.
  4. No posting of negative comments about other message boards, posters on other boards, or fan groups is allowed.
  5. By the same token, we reserve the right to decline posting privileges to any poster who discusses this board, its moderators, and/or any of its posters, negatively on other boards, should this come to our attention. If you don't feel comfortable posting with us -- then we don't feel comfortable posting with you.
  6. Negative comments about this board, or any of its posters, on this board, are not allowed and will be deleted.
  7. Importing of (or references to) discussions from other boards is not allowed.
  8. No posting of links to, or material from, boards requiring registration to read is allowed.
  9. No unauthorized posting/use of others' property (graphics, video captures, banners, video clips, spoilers, etc.) -- including ours -- is allowed.
  10. If you have a problem with any other post and/or poster, please do not post about it on the board. Please PM or email one of us; we will handle it.
  11. Posting under more than one registered name per poster in a pretense to be more than one person is not allowed. 
  12. Bumping an old thead for the sole purpose of moving it to the top of the board, without also adding something meaningful to the existing discussion, is not allowed. The word "Bump" is not an acceptable response in a thread.
  13. Prefacing a post with "I know I'm going to get flamed for saying this" is inflammatory in and of itself. Such posts will be removed.
  14. If you wish to post a letter that was printed in a magazine, the following applies:
    1. You must be the letter's author, and
    2. The letter's content must follow the rules established for post content.

Posts violating our policies may be removed without warning. Posters may or may not be notified. Repeat offenders will find their ability to post here possibly curtailed. Obvious trolls will be banned upon first offense. 

Kathy, Christy, and Gina
Board Moderators/OTKWS Webmasters

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