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Like to share that with you all here. Thought it was very cute and special and so Thorsten Kaye... love all these special moments...and he loves presents so let's send him some ....

Credited to new SOD Magazine


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Thanks for sharing that, Sonyaanita!
Have never read an interview with Thorsten that wasn't fun to read! [blush]

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Thanks, Sonyaanita....I can read Thorsten's perspectives forever!

Thorsten and Susan are a beautiful couple!

It would be amazing if Susan would do a cameo like Don's wife and maybe portray the

urologist who will determine that Ridge was never sterile...that would be a very
interesting storyline!



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Thanks Sonya is awesome tk is amazing
Man and actor love Stacy

Hi thorsten i just want let you know i think you rock as ridge i never cared to much about the old ridge but i love you as ridge you are amazing actor and.think caridge are great together i am getting excited for hockey to start go red wings
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