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My name is Malin and i'm from Sweden. I'm a new fan of Thorsten. He is my new favorite male actor. He is such a strong actor. I absolutely love his facial expressions, body language and how he talks. He has such a beautiful voice. Would never get tired of hearing him speak or just look at him. Also he is very manly, handsome and seems like a truly gentlemen. I would definitely feel safe in his arms. Love him on B&B and i'm team CaRidge all the way. Best chemistry of them all in my opinion. I love how they look at each other, teasing each other, how they hold each others faces when they kiss and how they touches one another. I only watch B&B beacuse of them. Sweden loves him. Also I want to say that I love the page and all the videos. Thanks! Hugs//Malin

Thorsten Kaye ❤ CaRidge
Malin - Sweden

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Welcome to the site, Malin -- how cool that you're watching TK in Sweden! It's good to hear (but not surprising <g>[wink] that he's a hit there, too. I loved what you wrote about him, and am glad you're enjoying the site.
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Welcome to the group Malin!!  [clap]
Michele S.
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