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I had always been a Young and the Restless fan, then started watching Bold and the Beautiful.  I started watching B&B after Thorsten had joined the cast.  I had seen some B&B before but didn't like the original Ridge, thought he was too egotistical.  I started watching B&B when I heard that Ridge had been replaced.  So, I'm a new fan to join your group because I think Thorsten is the most amazing, handsome and sexy man I've ever seen.
     I saw on your site that he is also an accomplished author.  I've seen through many interviews how devoted he is to his wife and family and this impressed me so much.  Thorsten is so talented in so many ways.  This is a huge and amazing website which also testifies to the fact that he loves his many fans.
     Wish I had known about Thorsten earlier.  [cryeyesout] I have now watched the first year of AMC video clips.  I have missed so much of this amazing man's performances.  Can't wait to start listening to some of his recitations.  Will definitely order his books and the CD.       I am very much looking forward to watching Thorsten in whatever role he is portraying and meeting all of you.  Also looking forward to learning more about this wonderful man and his past career.  Nice to meet you all and love you Thorsten.  [kiss_cheek] [love3]


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Welcome to the site and the board, Cheryl. Couldn't agree more with you about Thorsten, a man of many talents... and wonderful human being. I hope you keep watching the AMC clips -- there are lots more incredible performances in them.
Order your copy of Thorsten's new book now!

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hi and welcome to this awesome board, Cheryl!

We all have a great time  here and thanks to Kathy and Christy we immerse ourselves

in Thorsten's repertoire of outstanding work to our heart's delight!



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