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B&B is my favorite soap. I love how Mr Tk & LG bring CaRidge to life. Very interesting, keep viewers hooked.Their chemistry, their magic, their love, their kisses say it all. I miss them.CaRidge, Every woman's dream, the wonder...

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Beautifully said Sherry, they have been truly missed and I can't wait what they bring next on the screen and into our heart. CaRidge is love's MASTERPIECE for sure, you just gotta love them, they brought back life to B&B and its because of the amazing performances of Thorsten Kaye and Linsey Godfrey.....
Have great night
Love Sonya


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I totally agree with both of you ladies! Both Thorsten and Linsey's performances are award winning performances! They are so talented and have such amazing chemistry! I have watched B&B off and on for years, but I have every day since TK came to the show to grace our televisions with his awesomeness! I'm beyond ready for more!
Melanie, Ohio

Thorsten Kaye!❤️❤️

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ITA and add to that, Ridge's interactions with the other characters... I love his

dialogue with Brooke...his demeanor with her is intriguing... TK 's Ridge has( thank

goodness)no feelings for her but only as the woman who constantly broke his heart

in the past and now regards her as a close friend because of their sometimes happy

past which he reminds her every time she feels horny  ... she is his PAST( I love it

when he tells her that!) and that he now respects her as the mother of his son.

TK is the one that makes B&B interesting and exciting...Ridge's conversations with

his dad, the PIG ,Pricky... pretty much everyone in the show and without him... it is

missing "jai ne sais quoi"... Oh I  know ...without TK... it is missing SUBSTANCE and


CaRIDGE is sensual and captivating... lovers every where want what they

have created... the fountain of perpetual ecstasy  ...  be it kissing or just gazing into

each others eyes, touching ... hugging... its MAGNIGICENT!!... and when they do

make love...which is shown too seldom for my taste... time stands still!


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