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If anyone has any photos from the book signing that she/he has not sent in yet, and would like to have on the site, now's your chance because we're trying to finalize the new section of photos. Please email them to us at


In addition, we've contacted as many folks we could identify in the photos taken with Gina's camera, both to share copies of the photos and also to get permission to include them (or not) on the site, but haven't heard back from everyone we've contacted.


Finally, we still have a number of photos of folks whose identities we're not sure of, either because we didn't meet you or because we've lost too many memory cells in the past four weeks (okay  -- in my whiniest, nunniest voice -- if y'all would have just left your name badges on like you were supposed to...). Some of them are really good photos, too. So if you think any of them might be you, email us to let us know what you were wearing that day. (g)

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