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This is from an article in an Italian magazine where TK discusses his film project. It was when he was with KKL in Monaco for the TV Festival. This was in Italian so I'll do my best to translate it in English (neither of them being my native language...)

"Next summer, during the Bold and Beautiful holiday break, I will dedicate myself to a project that matters a lot to me: I've wrote a movie and I want to shoot it in Italy. In the next few days I will come to your country to choose the settings and find funding. KKL, who plays my wife, Brooke, in B&B, will come with me. I am very happy to work with her, so I chose her as the producer of the movie. I, on the other hand, will be the writter and the protagonist.
Thorsten Kaye has, since 2013, took the role of the designer RIdge Forrester in B&B. We met Thorsten in Monte-Carlo, where B&B triumphed at the prestigious Television Festival, winning the award for the best soap opera, and he told us all about his new project.
"The movie is titled How to Climb a Tree and tells the story of an American rock star who is getting old and is looking for a meaning of life", explains Kaye. "This man goes on a journey and arrives in Italy, where he meets a young girl who loves music but has a terrible and unsupassible fear of performing in public. They help each other overcoming their insecurities, climbing the tree of life which gives the movie its title."
The star of B&B can't wait to shoot his film and already has an idea of what the perfect place could be: "I think we will shoot in Puglia. It's a beautiful land, with wonderful olive trees that would provide the best atmosphere for the movie, moreover, B&B already shot there in 2012. I wasn't there, but from what I've seen the landscape will fit with what I've written. However, soap fans don't have to worry. I will not leave B&B: we'll shoot the movie during the B&B breaks and I will continue to play Ridge Forrester." Thorsten has a clear idea on how to make his movie, and he's not making his debut as a writter because he already has a lot of experience: "I love poetry, I write poetry and I have published two books with my verses", tells the actor keenly "I wrote the first one with Lloyd Bridges, the mother of the famous actor Jeff Bridges, and it contains poems about feelings, and the second one is an illustrated book of children's poems I started to make them to entertain my daughters McKenna and Marlowe when they were little I realised that rhymed verses were more easy for them to memorize and attribute words to illustrations. Today, my daughters are 15 and 11 y.o, but they still remember our poems by heart"."

I'm glad he gets to star in his own movie and I can't wait to see the result!

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Wow, thank you so much for translating and posting this. You did a great job!
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