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I had a GREAT TIME at the book signing on Saturday. I loved seeing Thorsten, of course, he's always so, so,... well, Thorsten. (You know what I mean!) Gracious, warm, welcoming, down to earth, the consummate host, always happy that you came to see him. (Shall I go on?)

What I really was impressed by the people that came to see him. Some from the "Old Guard" and a lot of newbees - "TK Virgins" (no more!) What a lovely group of women (and men). I met new people from San Antonio, from Kansas, from Florida, from Tennessee (love that accent), from Haverhill, Massachusetts (ah, another New Englander), and from Chicago (that wonderful town). Old friends from NJ and NY, Miami and Phoenix, too. (of course!) Little and big towns everywhere. Everyone seemed delighted to be there, everyone was just "enchanted" by the Mahn. How could we not be? Thorsten gave each and every one his undivided attention, making us feel special just to be in the same room, let alone sitting beside him on that warm leather couch. The warm hugs, the quick, scratchy smooches, the "to die for" smiles. Aren't we lucky to know such a man?

I just would like to say to everyone that I meet at the event, thanks for making my day wonderful. We all share a most divine passion. Old folks, young folks, and lots in between, we all can say that we've been touch by a most special person and are better for the experience.

Christy, Kathy, and Gina need to be congratulated on very well organized event. There were a lot of "wild cards" that came up, but you ladies handled it all with great aplomb, even though , at times I'm sure it seemed a lot like you were trying to herd cats. Your gift bags are beautiful, the earrings (that I won as a door prize) are very special! I hope, after a brief recovery period, that you are willing to try to organize another gathering with TK. Please consider it, we'll be there!

Thanks again,

Donna Kendall

Donna L. Kendall
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