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AMC Spoilers for the week of May 7, 2007


Jamie jumps into action to save his sister’s life.

Tad and Krystal are reunited with their daughter.

Zach has an unusual request for Josh when he asks him to get to know Hannah better – and then report it all back to him.

JR tries to get Adam to unburden himself of his sins and prove he has a heart but he spits in his son’s face.

Greenlee and Kendall face each other for the first time since their friendship was blown to bits.

Ryan and Annie look forward to their wedding.

Greenlee heads off with purpose after believing that Ryan flat out rejected her.

Jack appears on Erica’s New Beginnings show advocating couples remaining friends after they’ve divorced.

Kendall locks Greenlee in the Wildwind playhouse to prevent her from ruining Ryan’s big day.

Lily coaches Ava how to act like her as Ava prepares to attend the wedding in her sister’s place.

Colby confesses to Krystal that she’s worried about Adam and doesn’t want him to be alone.

JR goes to Dixie’s grave and pours out his guilt for not respecting her dying wish.

Ryan and Annie’s reception comes to a screeching halt, thanks to Greenlee’s machinations.

AMC Spoilers for the week of May 14, 2007


Alone with her father, Greenlee admits she thought Ryan would take one look at her and the earth would stand still.

Ryan tells Annie he considers them married in every sense of the word and they make love.

Lily tells Ava she can pretend to be her again and promises not to tell Jack.

Jamie apologizes to JR for when he ran away with Little Adam.

Jack believes that Greenlee will be reasonable and urges Ryan to talk with her.

Adam wants Zach to be his silent partner as he makes his move to reclaim Chandler Enterprises from JR.

Ryan expects a battle with Greenlee but is surprised when she is contrite and agrees to leave for the Bahamas to get a quickie divorce.

Zach is blunt when he asks Hannah what she’s really doing in Pine Valley.

Stuart shares his wisdom with Krystal.

Colby opens up to Sean about how stressed her life is right now but is delighted when he invites her to the prom.

Aidan and Di continue to disagree about Ava.

Greenlee comes to Annie’s rescue as the threesome makes it safely to the Bahamas.

Sean feels slightly guilty for having slept with Ava as he and Colby enjoy spending the afternoon together.

Ava gets under Aidan’s skin when she flirts with him at the Yacht Club and is hurt by his rejection.

Jack and Erica get an eyeful when they walk in on Sean and Ava.

Jonathan and Ava argue but end up in a kiss which affects them both.

Greenlee admits to Ryan that she sent him the divorce papers because she wanted him to fight for her.

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Originally Posted by Alina

Adam wants Zach to be his silent partner as he makes his move to reclaim Chandler Enterprises from JR.

Zach is blunt when he asks Hannah what she’s really doing in Pine Valley.


This is one of the reasons I was so thrilled with Zach taking over Cambias, and moving into the main stream business world.  I have wanted to see TK and DC together forEVER...LOL


I wonder if Hannah will be as blunt in her response?  Somehow I doubt it.  Methinks Hannah might need some of Janet's meds.

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I agree Ann DC and TK will be awesome and I want Zach to stick it to JR so bad. 

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