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Ok, so i'm really hating the way they're writing this storyline and I'm basically writing the way I want it to go. I'm not sure how long it's going to be, i'm playing this one by ear. Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Jess <3



First Day of My Life


Chapter 1:

It was 11:00 at night and Zach Slater woke up with a start. His eyes were fuzzy and it took him a moment for him to adjust to his surroundings. The nagging question of “where am I?” disappeared when he realized he was in the hospital. He had fallen asleep on a chair in Kendall’s hospital room. It surprised him that he was even able to sleep after everything that happened. He was scared. Zach Slater was truly scared. No, terrified for Kendall, Spike, and his newest son- Ian. That last thought jolted him out off his grogginess and he went to go check on Ian.


“Hey little man, it’s your dad.” A slight smile arrived on his face.

I’m somebody’s dad.


Zach looked down at his son- his own flesh and blood and felt overwhelmingly proud. This was his boy, a life he helped create. Someone who would look up to him, learn from him, and love him.

“So, how’s it going?” “You must be pretty bored all alone in there, huh?”


“Say, how about we make a deal? You open your eyes and I’ll promise to teach you some hockey.”

“How bout that, you and your big brother?”


“Come on man, that’s a pretty good deal.”


“You look a little bored, huh am I boring you? How bout a story??”


There once was a beautiful princess. She lived in a tower all by herself and waited for the right prince to come along. Many pursued the princess but nobody was the right prince for her. Until one day, Prince Slater came along. He swept the princess off her feet and they fell in love. They had two children, Sir Spike and Sir Ian. The prince and princess were very happy because their sons would soon take over the throne one day. All they had to do was too stay healthy and strong. They would rule for eternity and the prince and princess would retire to move to Detroit- home of the Redwings.


“How’d you like that, buddy?”


“I don’t know what he thought, but I loved it.”

Zach turned around startled by the noise. It was Kendall- she looked down at Zach and smiled.


“I’m ready to see my son.”



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Very good!!  Please continue.  June


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Great start ... so give us some more!

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