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     Back in about June of 2004, I found myself fascinated with a certain character played by a certain actor with whom I was not familiar.  So, for the first time in my life, I did a online search to find out more.  This board is what I came up with.  I posted a couple of times back then, but have mostly just read people's comments here.

     Today felt like Zach was starting a new phase in his life(whatever ends up happening with Kendall), and I felt like I wanted to start posting here again.

     This character, played by this actor, is the reason I watch.  And, I have watched since 1972.  He engages me on so many levels, and I was so happy that TK decided to stay, because I was not ready to lose Zach.

     Will say that I am(at this point, anyway) a Zach and Kendall fan, although it has been a challenge lately, to say the least.

     But, whatever happens, I am at peace with where ever Zach's journey takes him; because, I am invested in the journey, and with him.  Always, only him.

     Christy, Kathy, and Gina; just wanted to say that you have done a beautiful job with this site.

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Lib!!!  You finally made it here (its zachfan01)

You will absolutely love it here.

Not a lot of Kendall love here though, but it is to be expected.  Especially these days.

I hope you stay . . . the more the merrier!!


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H!!!  I was a lurker until i found this place.  I think I lurked for 2 hours. LOL.   Nope not a big fan of Kendall's at the moment after today.   My heart is with Zach after today and always.   Ryan is a big piece of crap.

But welcome back or welcome new.  

Donna :)

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Welcome, Shady Lady!  You'll like it here.  Folks are totally dedicated to TK, and by extension, of course,  Zach.  I haven't been very fond of Kendall for about a year and would like to see Zach with someone he deserves, not a drama queen who emotionally never got out of her Freshman year in high school, and, yes, I realize that's an insult to Freshmen everywhere!


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I just read all the messages for a long while too - I agree with you and want to see Zach with someone who deserves him - Really looking forward to that - Also want to be sure that Spike and Ian stay where they belong - WITH ZACH.


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Welcome to the forum Libellue!

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