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From DirecTV :

Monday - Katie's act of composure spirals into hysteria; Quinn is anxious as Liam focuses on regaining his memory. [snooze]

Tuesday - Quinn feels pressured when Wyatt demands she bring her new beau to his wedding; Katie attempts to seduce Bill.[sleep]

Wednesday - Liam is suspicious that Eve is keeping something from him; Katie begs Brooke to keep her secret from Bill.[rolleyes]  (Not that I care to watch ANY part of this, but Katie begging the shrew for something would certainly be unwatchable).

Thursday - Liam sketches a photo of the face that keeps coming to his mind; Wyatt and Steffy's beach wedding begins.  (Ridge is not mentioned, but I sure hope they have allowed Ridge to be there if his daughter's stupid wedding is beginning).

Friday - Bill, RIDGE and Quinn speak to their children on their wedding day; Liam completes a composite sketch of a woman.  (I hope Ridge will be able to talk some sense into his recently dumbed-down daughter).

So they are taking a break from the WTD subject, I guess, until pRick and the good doctor exchange notes, UGH! 

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!
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