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when I drive on a highway, I keep seeing signs saysing "congress created a dust bowl"

I feel stupid asking this, but what does it mean?


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I googled the question...Congress and the "dust bowl"  is referring to the farm lands in California that are drying up and dying....Didn't read any of the articles, but I'm sure there is a lot more info than what I read! 


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The dust bowls in California are referring to the fact that Congress is diverting all the water from the canals or what ever to make sure our little fishies dont die.  Never mind the humans, it doesn't matter about them, as long as the fishies are OK.  By the way, all the farms etc, went out of business.!!!!!!  Sorry ladies, had to get that off my chest.

Same thing is happening here in Texas, ours is the snail darter.

Take care,

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