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Here's something I started yesterday, and couldn't stop myself from finishing.  Forgive the corniness of it in some parts, and the length, too, but I hope it's entertaining.



Christmas in Pine Valley


‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Pine Valley.

All families were stirring, with what had happened lately.

Murders, secrets and confusion were to everyone very near.

As they hoped things would settle down for the new year.


The Lavery’s were grieving for their special sis,

To the serial killer, Erin was not missed.

A new love in the works for Ryan and Annie,

Little Emma would soon be part of their family.

Jon was lost again, who knows what he would do,

Amanda better watch out, she’s close by too.


For the Chandler clan, things were quite confusing,

So many people who had to start choosing.

Krystal and her baby, whose daughter will she be,

And BabyDoll, does she love Josh or her hubby?

Adam and JR remain clueless in what they know,

But Colby will be there with her truth in tow.


The Martins were missing except for Tad,

And his soul was gone, because of the year he had.

Jeff was back, and Dixie had appeared with little to say,

Except to wreak havoc in so many ways.

Onto one man did she stick, with no apparent shame,

Too bad for her, Zach didn’t feel the same.


At Casa Wildwind, all sorts of newness abounds,

With the singles moving in from all around.

The wanna-be doctor and nurse-of-all-trades,

With the P.I. and his ex-con, my what a display.

Del and Amanda added quite a mix,

Now comes Jon, who could be showing up next?


Who could forget La Kane, her husband did she leave,

Jack and Lily were in shock, they could not believe.

Sean moved in, to everyone’s shock and panic,

And Reggie disappeared, is he in the attic?

Brooke’s snark with La Kane, it was a joy to behold,

But now she is gone too, though we weren’t really told.


The Slaters were nestled all snug in their bed,

Even with worried thoughts dancing in their heads.

True love kept them together, though not without doubts,

After so much happened, now they knew what the other was about.

Lies, secrets, and darkness this year they overcame,

Not to mention comas, murder and unheeded blame.


As Santa came by on that wintry Christmas night,

His list was a mess, his dilemma a fright.

What should he do, for those in the Valley of Pine,

He thought, “few deserve any presents of mine”!

Each one did he finally visit, after many a thought,

As the families waited, and hoped not to get caught.


To the mansions, to the courtyard, to the penthouse he did stop.

Santa gave each one a gift, even those whose names were not on top.

Red and white recliners, DNA results, windows that wouldn’t break,

Serial killers and affairs, they said they wouldn’t take.

Santa shook his head, more odd requests he had not seen,

Quickly he finished his business, so on his way could he be.


And as he lifted away from the town he had been,

You could hear him exclaim in the ocean-side wind:

“Now Martins and Chandlers!  Now Kanes and Henry’s!

To Lavery’s!  To Devane! To any other families!

Follow Zach! Follow Kendall! Even Spike, he’s a gem!

I wouldn’t have stayed around if it wasn’t for them!

They’re getting it right, at least from what I hear,

Be nice to them, if you want me back next year!”





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Good job, Taurasgal. Especially the last part!

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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How cool Taurusgirl How cool - thanks for sharing



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Taurusgal, great parody.  You sure got the residents of PV pegged right. Last paragraph of course hit the best note.

"Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!!"



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Good Job Taurus Gal.  That was fun to read

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