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9/21/11 was supposed to be the episode where Adam returns to town, and was also supposed to air Sarah Michelle Geller and Eva LaRue scenes.  Instead, ABC have decided to focus 9/21 on Martins and the original Ruth, played by Mary Fickett who just passed away.  RIP Mary. 

With all due respect to the departed, this is the height of wrong and irresponsible decision making by TIIC at AMC, because with only two days left, which story's or character's (of course it will be ZACH!!!!!) conclusion they are going to leave on the cutting floor?  If they had two brain cells, they would have bumped an episode of OLTL, which still has a few months left in its run.

Original "AMC" Cast Member Mary Fickett Passes Away

All My Children,
We at ABC were very saddened to learn about the passing of one of All My Children's original cast members, Mary Fickett, who portrayed beloved nurse Ruth Brent Martin from 1970-1995 and again from 1998-2000. As we honor All My Children's 41 years on ABC, we cannot help but recognize and remember Mary's wonderful depiction of Pine Valley's revered Ruth. Ruth's marriage to chief of staff Dr. Joe Martin provided the bedrock upon which the town of Pine Valley was built. Their marriage was always a stabilizing force that represented "home" for many.

In memoriam, the network will dedicate the September 21 episode to Mary, which specifically focuses on the Martins. We extend our deepest sympathy and thoughts to Mary's family and longtime fans.

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RIP Mary Fickett.   I like you sea rose, feel... this not the time to do this.  ABC and their decision makers are slaughtering us...I (almost) want to throw my TV on the door steps of ABCs main building or on ...BFs (appropriate Initials) Desk.  How I would love to face that man and his team down. AND I'm a Zach Slater fan forever too...
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