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Monday, June 1
"New Understanding"
Colby finds out a secret from her parents' past; Krystal turns to Tad when she finds herself in a tough spot.

Tuesday, June 2
"Out of Control"
Scott helps Krystal when David gets violent with her; Pete and Colby bond over their parents' relationship.

Wednesday, June 3
"Old Letters"
Colby accuses her mother of shooting Stuart; Jesse refuses to arrest David for the murder.

Thursday, June 4
Pete confirms Colby's suspicion about her mother's letter; Marissa tries to help David with his grief.

Friday, June 5
"After the Surgery"
Angie encourages Randi to stand by Frankie's side; Annie is rushed to the hospital after a stabbing.

And there is not a single mention of Zach. The calendar may say 2009, but this is feeling a whole lot like 2005... Zach is at the center of the story, but everyone is talking about him while he languishes off screen. And no one listed above is going to keep ME watching the show. *Y A W N* Wake me when Zach shows up...

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Thanks Cheri!!

I'm hoping that even though Zach isn't mentioned in the spoilers that he will still be on my screen.  We do have the spoiler that Zach and Kendall remarry to protect each other.

I know not everyone around here is crazy about Kendall, but lets face it . . . nobody can do a slow burn romance like TK!!


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and IMO he could do that same SLOWBRUN with a new female, francesca comes to my mind, i mean after all IT is TK we are talking about, thanks for the SPOILERS Cheri.

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The show bores me to tears when Zach is not on and then when he IS on I am furious at Kendall or whoever who don't give a damn about Zach's welfare. Boy do I miss Myrtle.


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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'm still holding out for a Zendall recoupling. Both TK and AM have expressed a vested interest in the Zach/Kendall character development. It would be a real shame to trash the time they have collectively spent (not to mention my personal voyeurism), in developing these characters only to trash them for the sake of . . . . . . . what? JMO

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Know what you mean - Yesterday and today I went for a walk after 20 minutes as he was not on (Caught some of yesterday's this morning) - Today I took the radio and listened and the Preview sounds interesting - Can't stand it when he is not on - Really hooked - Peggy

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