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Were you as moved by Stu's appeal yesterday to Zach as I was?
How cute..(yeah cute) was T when he received the box !!

With the new crisis coming up for Zach...will Josh be able to *step up*?
Will Jr. and Adam take advantage of the situation?

Your thoughts ladies?

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I've always liked Stuart (well - almost always, he was kinda freaky in the very beginning) and was really looking forward to his interaction with Zach, but his inability to read Zach from the get go frustrated me. Zach had never treated Stuart with anything other than respect. So Stuart insulting Zach and then playing on his better nature, the one that Stuart didn't seem to think he had, just seemed really phoney to me. If we ever see Stuart defending Zach to Adam and JR, maybe that would take some of the bad taste of it out of my mouth.

We got the male bonding over furniture assembly, but while Stuart obviously did get to Zach, Zach had already been feeling that his was a hollow victory anyway, since JR and Adam would always stick together in the end, unlike him and his father. So that's the way I wish Stuart would have approached Zach, by talking about fathers and sons, not a baby who lives with his mother half the time and a girl who's walked out on her father before (and who walked out on her mother).

Why the Chandlers all seem to think that Zach should become misty-eyed over Lil A and Colby's abodes when none of them gave it a thought when they started scamming each other is a mystery to me, especially since Stuart's very own wife was chomping at the bit to get her hands on that sales commission.

Stuart should have told Zach that Zach wasn't responsible for what his father did, unlike Adam's responsibility for JR's behavior. Stuart did talk about Zach's ability to be a father, and that was nice, but it would have been more satisfying to have Stuart pick up where Zach left off the other day (when Kendall ignored Zach's plea to make it a Greenlee-free zone for the night and changed the subject from Zach's heartfelt musings back to her favorite topic).

I'm hoping that at some point Stuart will be in the position of defending Zach to Adam! And as for Josh, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

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