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How could you be so upset with someone one moment and the next you are in bed?  Annie and JR's s/l again I must say is vile and disgusting.  I hope that Scott has finally gotten her out of his system. After kicking her out the house, if I were him,  I would have gone downstairs on kicked JR's ass.  It would have been funny if JR had told her that she didn't have to leave the house, that she could stay with him,  I would have loved seeing Scott's face then.  He is so stupid!!!!


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I know Nurlenz. Scott is very stupid indeed!!! The whole Jr/Annie s/l sickens me. I hate them. Individually and as a couple.

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OKaye, I had to watch yesterday's episode just to be able to respond to this, LOL.

Actually, I can tolerate them simply because, I WANT SNOTTY TO SUFFER!  For what Stuart's good-hearted son has turned into, a thief, a liar, a murderer-hiding, a psycho-bitch-loving asshole, a distorted mirror image of Joonyer (all the while he is despising Joonyer), I just want his heart stabbed, his business taken away from him, his Chandler name/money/mansion/power gone for good!  I want Adam to come back at least for a day and kick his ass to the curb!  I hate Annie and feel that she does not belong with any of the Chandlers or deserve the mansion and the money, but, I hate Snotty even more!

As for as JY and MCE, they do have chemistry and they work well together.  I was surprised though, that Joonyer did not ask Annie to stay at the mansion!  It is NOT Snotty's property, LOL. 

But I do agree with "How could you be so upset with someone one moment and the next you are in bed?", in the same way as I have always gone WTF at all the "grief sex" on AMC!  Men are men, they often let their lower head do the thinking, but in soapland, it looks like women also don't have ANY self-control, or are completely sex-starved! 

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!
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