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I think most of you want to head straight for the blue font

Sneak Peek Week of October 18

Jamie Luner as Liza Colby

Remember that kiss Greenlee and Ryan shared outside the courtroom? Well, Liza witnessed it. The same Liza who happens to be trying to get Greenlee sent up the river for her husband David's murder. Yes, this is not a good thing. What do you think Greenlee will choose -- her freedom or the guy she loves?  (I WISH LIZA WOULD LOCK THEM BOTH UP FOR GOOD!!!!)

All My Children Sneak Peek, Susan Lucci as Erica Kaner

But that might be the least of Greenlee's worries this week, because Madison and Erica take the stand in her trial. Neither are members of the Greenlee fan club -- Madison sees her as competition for Ryan, while Erica just plain hates her! Think that'll influence their testimony? Keep in mind, speaking against Greenlee would give Jack and Erica lots of drama, what with Greens being his daughter as all.

Yes, eagle-eyed viewers, that is soap veteran Kimberlin Brown (Sheila from The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless) as the judge. She's no stranger to playing tough ladies. This role is no exception.  (DO I CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS?????)

All My Children Sneak Peek, Rebecca Budig as Greenlee Smythe

As if this trial couldn't get any wilder, a new surprise witness shows up. And this one could be a game changer -- not only for Greenlee, but for two other people in town. (ENOUGH ALREADY ABOUT THE TRIAL!!!!!!!!)

All My Children Sneak Peek, Jacob Young as JR Chandler, Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Chandler

In the wake of Scott being shipped off to prison, Annie's totally spinning out of control. Things aren't helped when Emma yells at her for costing her another daddy (ouch!). Annie decides to go out, get wasted and get into some trouble (it's Annie. Are you shocked?). Thank goodness JR comes to her rescue -- but might this do more harm than good?  (YAWN...........)

OhKaye, here comes the good part, the ONLY part I am looking forward to..............

All My Children Sneak Peek, Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart, Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater 
Zach is back! Look for Kendall's husband to return to town and tell Kendall all is forgiven in their marriage. Then he gets the phone call. Yes, "the" call (insert dramatic music). And thus we begin a new story for the Slaters …

OMG, OMG, OMG, how does this MAHN manage to look more gorrrrrrrrgeous with each passing day!  I don't know how my frail little heart is going to handle all the palpitations the next few weeks             
OKaye, so I was expecting Zach to only be on for 0.00037 seconds at the end of the show, but if all this is in the weekly sneak peek, then we will probably get a decent show on Friday! 
Oh yeah, I AM looking for HIS HAWTNESS to return

Off to order extra ice packs..................


Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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OMG OMG OMG!!! Searose, thank you SO SO much!! God I missed him soooo much. I am so freakin` excited!!! Yes, Indeed. Thorsten gets more handsome every time I see him. VERY nice pic of him and them. Oh god, I really do hope they get their own storyline. I don`t trust these writers or have any faith in them, but I think this s/l might be good. Or rather I hope it is good. But all in all everything else "happening" on this show, doesn`t matter to me.........He and Them do. And I`m so freakin excited!!!

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MERCY!!  Is he HAWT or what?!?!?!!!!  TK just keeps on getting better & better.  I am so ready for this!!  Woohooo!! 


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Just 4 days !!!! OMG JUST 4 DAYS......Until we get our TK/Zach BACK!!! I do not think I can contain my excitement any longer.........................

:) tkfanalways :)

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Thanks, Searose! I love your extra little added comments to the spoilers, lol. And totally agree that Zach being back is the ONLY thing about this show to look forward too.

Mr. Kaye is looking FABULOUS! It always amazes me that after so many years of loving him and watching him play Zach Slater...he still takes my breath away every single time!

Can't wait for Friday.

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Thanks Searose!

Is it Friday yet?


Thanks Fil!

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     OMG,  I am SO ready to see my man again!  Friday can't get here soon enough. I agree that he does to seem to get more and more attractive. As for taking our breath away.....Last night i was watching my DVD of May/June '05 which i had not seen for a while,and I had to keep hitting the pause button because i could not bear to let shot after gorgeous shot just flash by. I HAD to freeze each one and drink it in for a while. Oh, what this man does to me!


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I am thrilled that  Zach is back, it is just not the same show without him. He really
makes the show unforgetable.  The new storyline abut him and Kendall is terrific news but does this mean he is back for good or just temporarily? I am so confused! But happy, seriously happy, that he is back!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm off to find my fan.

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I can wait. I'm bursting with excitement. TK, thank you,thank you, thank you.

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