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The writing for this show is just getting worse and worse.  Why doesn't someone tell Greenlee to adopt a child forget about having a married man's baby?  Leave the Slaters and Laverys alone let them work through Spike's hearing loss and Ian health issues.  And don't get me started on Aidan, I use to like him but not any more.  The man is so wishy washy... When Spike was first hurt he couldn't stand Greenlee now she is the love of his life. I wish they write Derek as a no nonsense cop, the way he is written it is a joke so wonder the character keeps changing.  And please please please do something positive for the character of Kendall, all she does is cry and act like she doesn't have a brain cell her head!!!!  She should be angry and scared for her family so why not tell Greenlee my family needs to work through all that has happened so leave us alone, your being in our faces and trying to fix things is not helping!!!!!!


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Methinks the inmates are running the asylum. 

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