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Had some technical glitches today and had to put the clip together piecemeal.

Did Kendall really say to Zach "You're going to get yourself killed for real this time...I will not let you do that to me again."

Did she really ask Zach, "Why in the hell did you even bother coming back?"


She did, didn't she? But it is permissible for Zach to get himself killed at her bidding?! Otherwise, get out of her sight. There goes the credit I was gonna give her for ignoring Griffin's great big o' lunch.

AMC 08/18/11

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But I'm thinking there's a lot more to this story than we're seeing now & that's why Kendall closed those doors.  I think maybe Zach is playing David & Kendall will be in on it, but will prob act as if she isn't onboard, per Zach's request.  I'm prob wrong- but that's what I'm thinking.  I think Zach will play David & expose him & he's letting Kendall in on it.  I am prob wrong - usually am- but there's stuff we aren't going to be privvy to.  Happy to see some of scary, lethal Zach back today! 


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Thanks for the clip Kathy, it is so much more appreciated today, I could hardly hear anything with six fighter jets roaring around for the entire Zhour! 


I loved Zach asking Greens point-blank about Grief.  I appreciate Greens telling him the truth. 


"Jesse, what, no flowers?"


But the look on Zach's face when Jesse told him about Fr Beneful being dead????????  OMG, I feel sorry for people who have never seen the magic of Thorsten Kaye!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, SCARY, QUIET & LETHAL is back, Woohoo!


Yes, Kendall's "Why in the hell did you even bother coming back?" takes the air out of MY red balloon   Zach wouldn't have almost died if SHE didn't push him into going to save her precious Rylee!


Sharon, that whole thing went down BEFORE Zach asked Kendall to close the doors to tell her whatever stuff.  I do agree that he suspects something about David's involvement and therefore will play him, with Kendall's knowledge.   There has to be someone else working with Fr Beneful, because there were "casino partnerS", plural, who were unhappy about Zach selling the casinos.  It was more than just Diana H, so there probably is someone else too who hired Ricky.  Could it have been David who needed $ for his research and was stealing from the casino?  May be that's why he was there to fetch Zach at the time of the crash?  May be he is the one who killed Ricky, or at least, made it look like Ricky is dead, only to revive him later, LOL.  Oooohhhhh, I can't wait for it all to unfold.  I just hope TIIC will give it enough time onscreen.


ETA:  It bothers me A LOT that The Rabid Rage Monkey is already into this s/l, investigating the crash/David connection like a dog with a bone.  Can't Zach have ANYTHING where he is not involved/playing hero?  I hope he fails and Zach succeeds without any help from him/Grief/ThadeASS/JackASS and the likes!

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Thank you Kathy for the clip and all your hard work putting it together - Peggy


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Why couldn't Greenlee give Zach a straight answer?   Why couldn't she tell him what Kendall went through?   Why on this show, particularly in Zach and Kendall's story, do they never complete a thought?   Why didn't Kendall's BFF and go to her and tell her about Zach's concerns (they're always in each others business)?  Why doesn't Kendall have a car all of a sudden?   Why? Why? Why?

I get why Kendall was upset she just got Zach back and was scared he was going to get himself killed again.  I would be too.   I am glad she said what she did about trusting her because that's another thing I'm sick about after all this couple has been through they're still writing them that they keep things from each other.   Really?   Don't ya think they've learned by now.   All these writers - same story over and over.

I did love lethal Zach and seeing the fire in his eyes (always love him with Jesse).   I'm hoping that Zach knows what's going on and shares it with Kendall but  not the audience.   Now that would be interesting.   I will not be happy if they make David a murderer because I don't think, as a doctor, he would ever do that but I get a strange feeling that, as always, Ryass will come out the hero.   Makes me sick just thinking about it.     I don't understand why they are focusing on people we don't care about with such little time left but then this is AMC.

I watched the story on OLTL with the two Todds and there was good stuff - they know how to write on that show.  So far not impressed by LB and I'm only watching to see the brillance that is TK.

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Wonderful Zach day! Loved TK's intensity, looks, suspicion and humor. He is so incredible and that is all I watched today...over and over. Kendall? Well saying he didn't need to come back if he wasn't doing her bidding...well I will not go there...I just want to enjoy the MAHN.. Great, great acting. Love it with Jesse and the real men on this show....pooooor Griff.......poooooor Griff. Loved David socking it to Greenlee about Gillian. I am sorry but when Ryan get's suspicious of David having Gillian I will be thrilled. Get out of Zach's life you idiot's!!!!!AWWWW Zach was the Zach I love today. Can I say it again? LOL


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I am loving Zach as always!  The writing is good but there is only one theme.  Must David bring everyone back from the brink of death.  It just goes to show you how impulsive the writers were to kill off everyone who left the show.  Now they are in deep DA DA! 

Thorsten's acting is superb, and the looks and the emotion emitting from him shows that he is enjoying himself. I hope everyone continues to make the show good to the very last drop.  I wish Zach had more screen time, but I will take what I can get.

Bonnit D. Braxton

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I'm just chiming in to agree with the above posts.  Zach is back, mentally alert, and ready to take on and outsmart any personal or business threats.  I'm sorry that David is involved, but it looks like he is.   I screamed profanities at Kendall when she made that "why did you come back" crack. How could she say something like that, even in a moment of frustration?  Sometimes I just want to SMACK her! .......with a good heavy book!   (or a laptop?!   hee hee hee)

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