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Zach/TK highlights in Blue..........


Alicia Minshew Q&A

Alicia Minshew Q&AThis week, Alicia Minshew returns to All My Children as Kendall Hart - and boy, is it going to be good. You see, Kendall's going to come face-to-face with Greenlee, her best frenemy that she ran off the road last year (and seemingly killed her). In said confrontation, we're going to get:

 1) Kendall realizing Greenlee's alive

 2) Kendall having to cop up to running Greenlee off the road

 3) Kendall has to cop to sleeping with Greenlee's man, Ryan, after Greenlee "died."

 Throw in a return by Thorsten Kaye as Kendall's husband, Zach, and you've got a must-see recipe.

 In real life, Alicia has been on maternity leave since late last year - where she and husband Richie welcome their first child, daughter Willow, into the world.

 To hear what Alicia had to say about motherhood, coming back to AMC and her first L.A. earthquake, head over to

Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart
On April 9th, Alicia Minshew returns to All My Children as Kendall Hart -- just in time for Kendall to come face to face with her best frenemy, Greenlee. In 2009, Kendall ran Greenlee off the road, sending her into a coma for a year. Now Greenlee wants answers. And that means a classic Kendall/Greenlee showdown!

When last seen a few months ago, Kendall and husband Zach (played by Thorsten Kaye -- he's returning on April 13th) decided to leave Pine Valley to get away from all the drama. In real life, Alicia's been on maternity leave. She and her husband Richie had their first child; daughter Willow was born in November.

How is motherhood going?

Alicia Minshew: "I love this kid more than life. Aside from today when she decided she didn't want to sleep, she's such a wonderful baby, and I'm having so much fun with her. I'm so glad I decided to take this time off because she is just changing every day."

We bet you're seeing a real personality develop.

"She's going on four and a half months. She's a very giggly, giggly child -- which is perfect since Richie and I are both ridiculously silly parents. Before you called, I was singing to her and she was laughing at the ridiculousness of my song. I make up songs and sing them to her, and she laughs. It's exhausting, but it's been the best kind of exhaustion. And can I say -- not to brag -- but since she was two and half months, she has been sleeping 10 hours a night."

You hit the lucky ticket!

"I know I'm lucky. She's very active during the day and doesn't like to nap. Then boom, 9:30 or 10PM, she's out, and I'm out with her. Then she'll sleep until 9 or 10AM the next day. Everyone's like, 'Are you drugging your child? What are you doing?'"

Now, we're very excited that you're back on All My Children. How was it to be in the new studio in L.A.? It was your first time being there.

"It was a shock at first. A shock in that these are all my closest friends and people I love, but after working in New York for eight years this was a different dressing room, different hair and makeup, different studio -- but I do have to say that the new studio is big and beautiful, and I found my way around. Everyone said, 'You're going to get lost!' Well, the first day I got lost, but by the second day I was pretty good at finding my way to the different studios. You know, they use two studios.

The new crew is sweet. They are smaller and quieter than the New York crew. It's more laid back. I'm used to the boisterous New Yorkers. But, everyone there was so nice. The cool thing is it's the same cast, so I got to go to work and see all of my best friends, and I realized how much I really missed them. I was so happy we had the same directors because they know how I work. There was a comfort level from the moment I walked in, but it felt for a minute like I was starting a whole new job because it was a foreign place to me."

Alicia talks Kendall/Greenlee, and Kendall/Zach in part 2 of our Q&A.

How is it to work with Rebecca [Budig, Greenlee Smythe] again?

"I was so happy I was working with her my first day. I was jet-lagged. For some reason it took me a lot longer to get over the whole jet-lag thing. Maybe it's because I wake up early and feed the baby. My sleep patterns were off. Then there was this tiny earthquake my first night there."

That happened your first night there?

"Yes! We had just arrived from the airport, and we were tired and the baby was sleeping and then her crib started shaking ... "

Welcome to L.A.!

"(laughs) So, when I showed up at the studio I was really tired and missing my baby girl. I found a lot of comfort in working with my best friend. I cried my first two days because I was away from Willow. I've spent every moment, almost, with her for the past four months. It was tough to be away from her. So, working with my best friend [Rebecca], she was able to be there and comfort me. Then once we started doing the scenes, [it had been so long] I didn't know if I could still act! With her, all I had to do was look into her eyes and connect with her and boom -- we were right where we were a few years ago."

And everyone has been waiting to see what happens between Kendall and Greenlee after the accident that sent Greenlee into a coma.

"I think I put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted the scenes to be good. And I was nervous because I hadn't been away from Willow. The first day, I'm not going to lie, it was rough. Rough. Rough. I thank God everyone was so nice. I'm just so happy it was Rebecca on that first day. She took my hand and was like, 'Let's connect.'"

How was it working with Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater) again?

"The majority of my scenes were with Rebecca. I had a few scenes with Cameron [Mathison, Ryan Lavery] and Susan [Lucci, Erica Kane]. I was a little bummed that I didn't have more material with Thorsten, but I know the main reason why I was coming back was to tell the story with Rebecca. The cool thing is Thorsten and I see each other here in New York. I go up to his house, and he loves my baby girl. He holds her all the time. It was great to be on set with him, though. We weren't Alicia and Thorsten, but Kendall and Zach. That felt good.

What can we expect from your scenes with everybody? What is the main thrust behind Kendall's return?

"I think you're definitely going to see the deepness of the friendship between Greenlee and Kendall and just how hurt Greenlee is. They are going to go at it. You'll see moments where Greenlee is at her strongest. Then you'll see moments where Kendall is at her strongest. The good thing about Greenlee and Kendall is there is never a time when one of them is a victim. Kendall says, 'You've done horrible things to me and not told me about it, and I've done horrible things to you and not told about them -- so let's get real here and talk about forgiveness.'

It's really about seeing the strength and the friendship of both of these women. They both have such valid and strong points of view. You can see where both of them are coming from. That's what makes the arguments good; they both have valid points for being angry and hurt with one another. I think you can expect to see a lot of fire, hurt, and passion with Greenlee and Kendall.

Alicia talks about Kendall's role in Palmer's memorial service in Part 3 of our Q&A.

You also see some moments with Erica where it's a little tit-for-tat fighting and some tender mother/daughter moments. You see the friendship come out with Ryan. Then you see that her and Zach are still very much in love and trying to work through some stuff. You kind of see a little bit of each relationship."

You're also going to be involved in the episodes for Palmer's funeral.

"They asked me to do that at the last minute, and I said, 'For James Mitchell [Palmer Cortlandt], of course.' They leave and Kendall gets a call from Erica saying Palmer has died. So you see Kendall having some emotional phone calls with her mother. Then Kendall has a moment where she lights a candle and says something very sweet to Palmer. I was very glad to be a part of that show because I love James, and I worked so closely with him. It was nice that I was able to be a part of the show that was dedicated to him. It was sad. Even before I did the scenes I was crying because it was so real."

But we're hoping we'll see more of Kendall later this year.

"Well, I still have my very long and extended maternity leave, which I'm so grateful for. Really, it's about me being a mother and figuring things out ... how Richie and I will relocate, and move us and the baby and get his business secure. We're just going to take advantage of this time of being with our child before I have to go back and start working my butt off."


They got one thing right, ZACH/TK returning is definitely a must-see recipe   But, SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very little Zach, as expected!  Of course, this is All My GreenLavery show, and Kendall will spend most of her time wiping their feet  , though I must admit I am in shock that Kendall will be allowed to call The Green Thing on the shit she has pulled too.  One thing for sure, I will hold on to every nanno-second that ZACH is on my screen!

I am also glad that Kendall WILL be a part of Palmer's memorial.  Even though Zach will probably not be a part of those scenes, I will watch for JM's sake, and it is good to see that TIIC remember the little history between Palmer and Kendall.

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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Sad to say that reading this only makes me more depressed. Just horrid. TK will once again be a speck in the lives of KenleeRyoooon. I want to see him so badly but not to be made into their scapegoat again. AM...not even working with him that much? WOW things never do change do's about her friendship with the Greens. Just so depressing and horrid. Sorry but that's the way I feel.


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Kelly, it is very sad that Zach's return is all about The Green Thing (THE Center of the show) and Kenlee.  I did not think that TK/Zach would get decent amount of airtime.  But I am desperate for even a few seconds of Zach sighting and will take what I can get.

You know what could make Zach's momentary return extremely satisfying?  If only AMC wasn't Fronsie's Fucked-up Fantasy, things would happen the way they SHOULD happen.  No matter how short his time, I would love to see Zach put The Li'l Fucker in his place, even if he can't be beaten to a pulp, at least call him the dog poop that he is, and then let Zach walk away with BOTH his sons!  Those two things would make it all worth it for me.  But I know I am not gonna get my wish

I am also disappointed that Alicia WILL be moving to CA at the end of her leave.  I had hoped she would come back after her maternity leave only long enough to tie up the loose ends and explain the Slaters' permanent move away from PV.  That way, there was a chance that I would get to enjoy her work on some other show.  If she stays on AMC, I won't be watching. 

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some Zach is better than nothing. i will take what i can get. can't wait.


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suegirl6 - You sure got that right - Me too - Peggy

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