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After beating my head against PayPal's wall for over 2 months (you would not BELIEVE the shit they pulled on us), about two weeks ago I finally packaged up a four-page summary detailing every last one of my communications with PayPal, along with all their emails, and sent it to the consumer protection office of my state's (MD, I'll give them credit!) attorney general office.

Bingo!!!  Today a representative from the a.g'.s office called PayPal on my behalf. What I could not get PayPal to do for 2-1/2 months, took her about 5 minutes to do. PayPal unfroze our account, giving her a bogus reason as to why they froze it in the first place. (Fuckers.)

I mention this for two reasons. First, as a PSA. PayPal routinely screws so many people. If they screw you, you might want to take it up with your own state's attorney general. PayPal seems to listen to them.

Second, we've (with great trepidation and caution) decided to start accepting PayPal again in our Giftshop. So if you've been delaying ordering because you didn't feel like writing a check (if you're like me you do everything online these days and you don't even know where your checkbook is any more...), you can now order electronically from us again.

Order your copy of Thorsten's new book now!
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