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Sneak Peek Week of September 5

Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater, Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart


Zach's odd behavior and inexplicable alliance with David may have all gone too far. Kendall wants Zach to end things with Orpheus, but he refuses! And Ryan's not going to stop digging into David and Zach's secrets either. This all leads up to a positively shocking series of events: someone is found dead, someone is shot, and someone will make a mind-blowing confession that changes everything.

Carol Burnett as Verla Grubbs


Carol Burnett returns to AMC! Erica and Verla Grubbs (yes, that's Carol) face off, with Erica trying to defend her best pal Opal. And then it's off to Los Angeles, where she's looking for answers about her old flame Mike Roy. Jackson wonders why Mike is so important to Erica now and whether their relationship is in trouble again. And in L.A., Erica will be faced with an offer she may not be able to refuse.

Meanwhile, Jake and Amanda are considering adoption; Cara is petrified that her cancer may have returned, but the true diagnosis could be even more disturbing; Tad is afraid of blowing this last chance he has with Dixie, and JR has to come clean about losing the Chandler home AND business. Colby is not about to let that happen, and her solution could bring two favorite faces back to Pine Valley.


All this, plus Angie and Jesse work to slowly build back their lives that are very nearly shattered after the truth about Lucy came out. And on top of that, Angie is undergoing her treatments to cure her blindness. Will it work?


The Monday, September 5th, episode will be an encore episode for Labor Day. If you missed Josh Duhamel's return to Pine Valley -- or just want to experience his insane handsomeness once again, tune in!

OMG, I had a dream last night that The Rabid One is the one who gets shot!  I would definitely call it a justifiable homicide, LOL.  I know my BP is going to shoot up next week, having to tolerate The Rabid One getting into Zach's business, AGAIN, not to mention Kendall not sticking to her word.  For now, I will just smile in anticipation of Tuesday's hawtness that was mentioned yesterday in Kathy's post


Erica, please, take whatever offer you have in LA, let JackASS run off to Kwak!


I know AMC is used to rewriting history, but don't tell me Cara is pregnant with David's baby. 


I have never seen anyone recover from hysterectomy (and it was probably radical, not just total or partial) as quickly as Amanda has


Joonyer losing Chandler home and business AGAIN, brings back sweet memories of when Zach took it all   It would be nice to see Adam and Brooke come back, as long as they don't eat into my Zach-time!


Isn't it too soon to rerun Leo episode??????????



Daily Scoop:


Wednesday, September 7, 2011                             

Bloodied and bruised, Ryan and Zach are hauled down to the police station;


TIIC are freaking idiots for not scooping ZEX for Tuesday.  I guess they are used to low ratings and have forgotten what Hawtness means!




Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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ITA about not scooping Zex!!  WTF is up with that?  Way to go AMC!

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