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Back in Pine Valley, a new doctor arrives at PVH. One Dr. Griffin Castillo, who is there under orders from Zach (hmmm…) and also is a former student of David's (double hmmm…). And those aren't the only Pine Valleyians, past and present, that he shares a history with. Griffin, meet Dr. Jake Martin….again. Jake, please punch Griffin in the face. But why?

All My Children sneak peek, Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater,  Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart All this plus Tad vs. Liza, Opal has a health crisis and Zach and Kendall deal with a tragedy that will change the Slater family forever.


ZACH AND KENDALL deal with the tragedy?  TIIC won't even spell it out properly?  And how does ZACH deal with his body not being found?

And if the shameless dimwits think that we will accept Griffin with open arms JUST BECAUSE they say that ZACH brought him............. well, they will soon realize that WE WON'T BE WATCHING regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thorsten Kaye Fan Forever!!!!!

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This is some odd stuff......why would this guy be coming at the request of Zach?  Oh well then again he is a methodical man (Zach) in his planning and now that David is gone he probably wanted to secure a good cardiologist for the heartless wife.  This new guy was probably the guy who was banging Jake's old wife who looks like she is about to be introduced.  What tragedy do Zach and Kendall face? I think the damage is done and all because that selfish nosey bitch egged him on to go. It's her tragedy now not his.



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No TK/Zach no me; but laughable that the writers think they can pull the wool over our eyes!!! too late AMC, much much too late!!

I know this is in the wrong thread; but if you want to give your opinion on AMC s/l's or lack there of I have recently created a poll on SID

Let ABC know what you think of AMC's storylines at presant, and VOTE
As some people still do care about AMC!!
PS. Mods please move or delete this post if you feel it is not appropriate on this thread

:) tkfanalways :)
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