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Adam hits the tables in Zach's casino to both win some of his money back and also to dig for info about Zach's part in JR's kidnapping. JR refuses to confirm to Tad that he staged his own kidnapping but is left with food for thought when Tad suggests he make up with Adam so they can team up against Zach. Adam's words affect JR, who admits he orchestrated his own kidnapping. The confession shocks Adam, but what rattles him even more is that JR tries to make amends with his father so they can join forces to destroy Zach. Unfortunately for JR, Adam is too hurt by his son's duplicity and, instead, walks away from him. Fed up of Annie and Greenlee's bickering, Kendall challenges them to give each other a makeover. When the two women are done with each other, they're outraged by the results but Babe finds creative inspiration in their new "looks" and it sparks an idea for a new product line. Kendall irks Annie and Greenlee by assigning them to work together on the new product. Lily isn't sure how to respond when Kendall asks her to be the "face" of Fusion Green. At the same time, Jonathan gets an earful from a whining Ava, who is disappointed that the Fusion women didn't want her as a model. He strokes her ego by explaining why she's special and then asks her out to dinner.

Tidbits for the following week: Greenlee and Annie try to work together. JR convinces Adam to team up against Zach.

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Tad is nothing more than a LYING BACKSTABBER.......


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So Tad once again shows his true colors, especially after Zach never told anyone that Tad killed Madden, by trying to stab Zach in the back again!!!  BASTARD!!!!
Thanks for the spoilers, Cheri!!!!

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Why would Tad want JR to team up with Adam against Zach?  I don't get it.

Do you have amnesia Tad???  Zach took a murder rap for you.  Adam stole your baby and burned down your house!  You are an idiot.
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