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One of the many things Zach has never gotten credit for is protecting both Kendall and Greenlee from Ryan the night of the IAMTHATMONSTER ball in July 2005. I was taking a little walk down that particular memory lane (preparatory to tomorrow's show) and I can't believe how much it still pisses me off that Ryan has always gotten a pass for letting Zach clean up his mess, only to come waltzing back to town instead of staying away as he promised Zach he would, and joining the lynch mob after Zach for the drastic (but only one he knew) and unsuccessful way Zach chose to protect Mrs. Lavery and Mrs. Slater from the second coming of the Ryan.

Just prior to Ryan's departure (to, unfortunately, parts not unknown), I remember Zach and Kendall in Zach's office anxiously watching Ryan and Greenlee on the spycam. And I remember how, after all Zach had already done since their marriage to support Kendall emotionally -- and practically -- during Kendall's Rylee marriage obsession (even though Zach and Kendall's own marriage was then only a business arrangement, Zach sure behaved like a model husband) -- Kendall still made a nasty crack to Zach about his failure with Ethan. Despite incidents like that one, I still wanted Zach and Kendall together, but in retrospect it was a real harbinger of things to come. No matter what Ryan did, it wasn't so bad but that Zach wasn't somehow just as bad or worse.

Funny how quickly they all forgot that it was Zach who literally stood between Ryan's pummeling fist and Greenlee's jaw, who lunged at Ryan as Ryan lunged at Kendall, after which Zach jumped from a cliff trying to save Greenlee's beloved husband, then had to break the news to both Greenlee and Kendall that Ryan was a goner. After Zach discovered Ryan alive, he tried to get Greenlee's beloved husband to return to her. But in the end, Ryan convinced Zach that Greenlee was better off with him dead.

We are all familiar with the repercussions of that decision as referred to above. And now I cannot wait for Zach to refresh the Teflon fucker's memory! Not that it will change anything when he does, of course. Based on all previous history, Ryan will still be the good guy -- Zach will still be the bad guy. That dynamic that will always exist as long as both are in the world.  Zach confronting Ryan with a very important chunk of his missing years will just garner more sympathy for poor gosh-darn-manfully-trying-to-remember Ryan, while making Zach (still the classic foreigner in so many ways) look like a big ol' nasty meanie beating up on the oh-so decent helpless local kid.

But I know who the bully really is, and Zach is absolutely right not to wait around for Ryan to relive those memories and take a chance on what might happen when he does.

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OMGOODNES,, you nailed it KATHY,,,,,,,,,,,,that walk down memory lane just made the hate i have for kendall and ryass more than ever,,,,,,,,,,even in the beginning zach loved KENDALL, more than she everl has loved him.............this breaks my heart that some want this woman with this man,,,,,,,,,,,,because she is NOT good enough to walk beside him, in my BOOK....... JMO thanks for this


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Kathy you mentioning Zach protecting Kendall and Greenlee and not getting credit for it along with several other things makes me think about the way that people used to view Zach and the way they do now.  Zach was really the underdog for quite some time.  I would say at least for the first couple of years in Pine Valley.  People treated him horribly, it didn't matter what he did.  He would get treated poorly and blamed for doing nothing and for doing good things.  Fortunately he hasn't been arrested in a while, but I remember when Zach was getting arrested often, for things that he didn't do.

I agree that there was definitely this sort of perception by the people in PV that Zach was "bad" no matter what he did. He could do nothing to no one and he was considered "bad" he could do nice things and he was considered "bad".  I can think of a lot of people that Zach was nice to and helped out that treated him poorly afterwards.(Erica, Di, Julia,etc..)  Zach has always been a good guy, people have Just misunderstood him and mistreated him. I think that in his first couple of years in Pine Valley a lot of people didn't realize or acknowledged that he is a good person. 

I think that TPTB was trying to label him as a "bad guy" at least in the way that a lot of the other characters viewed him.  But it's not believeable,because Zach has always been compassionate, he been really kind lots of times to people that treated him poorly.  He doesn't really go after people unless they harm someone he loves, and he loves very deeply.  He is a character that is very easy to root for, and that is why he has so many fans, and people wanted him for Kendall instead of Ryan.

I remember back in the earlier part of Zendall's relationship where it seemed like Kendall was conflicted about Zach and Ryan, and the writers tried to throw Ryan in Zach and Kendall's storyline.  I actually thought on more than one occasion that they were going to put Kendall back with Ryan.  But I would not have understood it because, I don't see how Kendall could choose him over Zach.  Zach is fantastic, he has treated and loved Kendall better than any other man, much better than Ryan, so if she would have chosen Ryan, I would not have understood that.

I think that Zach has been treated pretty badly in the past, and I do feel that he will be on the receiving end of some people's anger after he shows Ryan the tape.  However I do think that things have gotten better for him and I'm glad about that.  He isn't being blamed as much for the bad things that happen in town,and people have started to accept and appreciate him more.  Erica has finally realized what a good person Zach is, and how good he is to her daughter.  She was mean to Zach for quite some time, I am glad to finally see them getting along.


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Excellent, Kathy!   I loved your post and the clips were incredible to watch to bring these realizations about this character and how he has been written!
Thanks for the memories and for all you do!

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Now that it has happened and Zach did it soooo perfectly, I don't see how anyone will be able to legitimately label him as the big meany this time.  He showed Ryass his ass-side and he did it without much emotion, no fireworks, just the facts.  I'm sort of surprised that it actually did look like how it was - - - that Ryass was the ass and this time Zach did not have to come out being the bad guy!  I loved it!


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I will never forget ALL the things Zach did to protect Kendall AND Greenlee from Ryan or a host of other people too. But the worst insult is these two twits still "stuck on" Ryan as Kendall so eloquently put it today and yet Zach's heroic and chivilarous desire to protect all these women is thrown out the window when "darlin'" Ryan just bats his eyes and the "battered women" come running. No wonder Zach wants to set the record straight. But will it matter?
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